The student enrolled under this programme will be eligible to take up either Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) or the Association for Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) qualification alongside their B.Com course. The course will be taught by faculty who are highly accomplished and competent by the use of interactive pedagogical tools and techniques. The teaching of CIMA or ACCA integrated subjects will be done by experienced practicing professionals from the industry as well as the profession specialized in the relevant area. Expert input sessions from Indian School of Commerce (ISC) will be conducted to facilitate learning and evaluation of CIMA or ACCA Papers.

The course has an inbuilt provision to obtain a certificate from Cambridge ICFE (Financial English) and IFRS Certification, at the end 1st and 4th semester respectively. Qualifying as a chartered global management accountant with CIMA and Certified Chartered Accountant with ACCA will open up global job opportunities in all sectors and especially in the field of Accountancy, Business and Finance. The students can make significant cost saving in CIMA/ACCA exam fees and Tuition fees. After qualification the students will have access to 4500 employer partners spread across 180 countries for placements including India.