Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management (PGDFM)

The Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management is a two semester specialization course offered by St. Joseph’s College of Commerce. The main subjects include Financial Modelling, Mergers and Acquisitions, Financial risk management and Corporate Accounting in the second semester beside four more subjects which are same across other diplomas offered. The classes are held over the weekends so is assignment submission and examinations which makes it convenient for working students to manage classes with job. One lecture’s duration extends to one and a half hour with four lectures a day, two tea breaks of 15 minutes each, and a half an hour lunch break.

The course is taught by industry specialists who impart knowledge beyond what books can offer. The professors are precise and cover the important topics imperative for a post graduate student. The syllabus is updated on a regular basis to keep the study material relevant in the current times. The CIA and End semester examinations hold equal weightage in the final result. 50% in the final result is necessary in order to obtain the diploma. 75% attendance is imperative to take the final examination. The CIA may be conducted in any way as the professor may seem fit or is mind stimulating to the students. The End semester examinations hold 100 marks which are reduced to 50 in the final result.

The post graduate diploma gives the students an additional edge over other candidates in the corporate world. It is important to have the additional edge when all students have more or less the same calibre. PGD is a crucial addition to the student’s CV. With students hailing from from both, academic and work background , the course ensures a holistic development of the student , benefitting one another together. It widens the horizons of the students to think beyond academics and focuses on learning real world scenario of the business and commerce . The specialization in financial management has given a good edge on the subject to the students . The assignments varied from presentations to projects which enhanced the student level of knowledge.

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