“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

All India Catholic University Federation
AICUF is a union of students from all backgrounds, who share a common inspiration to serve the world, believing in the motto “Do to others as you would want them to do unto you”. The students of this association emphasize on an unbiased society where people from all walks of life can live as one community. Activities for this semester include:

Participating in protests and rallies against women violence, riots in Gaza and Girl child education.
One day meal scheme for poor people of Shivajinagar on 29th August, 2014.
Blind walk to spread awareness about eye donation, in collaboration with Project Vision.

Under the guidance of President Seevanth Raj, and Vice President Linfriola Pinto, AICUF hopes to spread their message to more students, and look forward to an eventful year

Centre for Social Action
CSA is one of the prominent associations at St. Joseph’s College of Commerce. With a vision of ‘Care, Connect and Change’, CSA has done some exceptionally good work over the past few years by adopting schools, organizing visits to hospitals and old age homes to truly understand the things that people at such places lack and to duly supplement them. With a motto of ‘Little Things Big Difference’, the association, under the leadership of President Cyril Riche, has carried out the following activities this semester:
A sports day at the Urdu Government School on 19th July, 2014.
Social visit to Kidwai Hospital and Christ College on 9th August, 2014. At Kidwai hospital, they interacted with patients and distributed contributions collected in college. At Christ University, they were given an orientation about Biomethanation and gobar production.
Celebration of Independence Day at Urdu Government School on 15th August, 2014. This involved singing, dancing, and performing skits for the students.
Exhibition on child labour, in association with CRY

National Service Scheme
The NSSunder the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports is a social service organization that enables students to reach out to the public, spread civic awareness and encourage social responsibility. In line with Gandhian idea that students should do “something positive so that the life of the villagers might be raised to a higher material and moral level”, students of the college are sent every year to a village, in order to contribute to its development, and gain a different perspective of service. Numerous programmes are organized such as blood donation camps, streetplays and seminars.The motto of the NSS, ‘Not me, but you’, reflects the essence of democratic living, and upholds the need for self-less service. With Harshitha Jain as the President at the helm, this is something that every NSS volunteer strives to do.

The Rotaract Club of the college has been a pillar for some of the great achievements in the past and this is the third year of its existence. This association is known for its diversified programmes all conducted in sync with the requirements of the Rotary Club, Bangalore. The club has organized the following activities:

Afreshers’ orientation ceremony for the first years on June 30th 2014.
The official installation of Rotaract Club was on July 17th 2014.
The club also organized a visit to St. Patrick’s orphanage wherein they interacted with the children and organized activities for them; under the leadership of President SindujaGopalan.

Josephite Business Club
JBC is an exclusive forum for BBM students. The main focus of the club is developing life-skills and soft-skills of the members and trains them to face the corporate world, through fests and seminars. The club began its activities with an ice breaker session for the first year BBM students. The motto of JBC is ‘Shift happens – It’s time to shift to a better you!’ Under the leadership of President SupriyaBarad and Vice President ManavvRajpal, activities have been organized which contribute to personal development of students:
Training members for business fests through testing skills of time management, teamwork and presentation. The club meets up often for these training sessions.
Asian Parliamentary Debate with Rahul Raman on 6th September, 2014. Students were given various motions on which they displayed considerable knowledge.

Magnate is the entrepreneurship cell of the college. Formerly known as E-Cell, the main objective of the organization is to focus and develop entrepreneurial skills of the students, with the motto ‘Give India more Entrepreneurs.’ This year, Magnate is planning on having various activities like seminars, workshops, panel discussions, fests and outbound visits. The ultimate goal is to separate and specialise the entrepreneurial skills of the students. Another area of focus for them would be encouraging entrepreneurship among women.Under the guidance of President Shreyans Mehta and Vice president SagarGangwani, Magnate is ready to put to action their timeline of events.

Hashmi Theatre Forum
Hashmi, the exclusive theatre group of St. Joseph’s College of Commerce, is one of the most creative and exclusive associations. The theatre forum is split into three parts: English, Hindi and Kannada theatre. Students of the Hashmi group have taken part and won awards in several inter-collegiate competitions within Bangalore as well as in other cities. Most of the plays are directed by Mr. Lavakumar. Hashmi members not only participate in theatre programmes, but also host their very own theatre competition – Enact, in the month of February. Hashmi has fifty members this academic year, who are led by their Pre sident Shino Abraham, all in eager pursuit of upcoming events.

Association for Literature, Music and Art
‘’A thing of beauty is a joy forever’’. Here at ALMA, whatever the artists touch upon turn to gold. The association for Literature, Music and Arts is the budding platform for the canopy of talents at SJCC. ALMA is one such association wherein the members zealously convert their creative juices into symphonies and photogenic canvases.Under the guidance of President SnehaCoutinho and Vice president Jenita, ALMA hopes to expand its student base through its various activities that have been successfully conducted, which include:
A photography workshop for the photography enthusiasts of the college, on 12th July 2014.
An art exhibition showcasing the artistic talent of all the students involved, with artwork including paintings, sketches, caricatures and craftwork.
Conducting a collage and poetry writing competition for the first year students during ‘Utsava’.

Serenata Chorale
Serenata Chorale, the performing choir of St. Joseph’s Collegeof Commerce is one whichboasts itself of having a rich repertoire of both classical as well as contemporary music. After the auditions held at the start of the academic year, the choir welcomes a number of first year students, who form a large part of our choir. This year we also welcome our new choir conductor, Ms. Amy Sara Joseph, a young and vibrant vocal trainer, to take charge of the choir, after 6 years of guidance from Mr. SudhakarDoraiswamy. Under the leadership of President Clinton D’souza and Vice President Manisha D’Souza, the choir has performed on various occasions:
Glorious Festival of Harmony on 10th August 2014. The choir performed ‘Sweet Sweet Spirit’ by Idea of North, and wowed the audience with their rendition of ‘Happy’ by Pharell Williams.
The choir has been instrumental in lending their voices to perform for various occasions in college such as Independence Day; Parent teacher meeting and Teacher’s day.

Hindi Parishad
The Hindi Parishad is an association which encourages the use of Hindi language by its various activities. The association has a list of events organized for the upcoming year, not only for the students that study the language, but for all students who are familiar with the language. The Parishad’s activities this semester have been successfully conducting ‘Indradhanush’, the Hindi intra-collegiate in the month of August, with the following events:

• Hindi Quiz
• ShabdSampadha
• Creative writing
• Hindi Debate
• Bollywood singing
• Treasure hunt
• Dumtakshari
Under the leadership of President Shraddha Anjali and other core committee members of the association, the Hindi Parishadis in the midst of planning ‘Nakshatra’, the annual Hindi inter-collegiate fest.

Kannada Sangha
On a similar note, the Kannada Sangha is an association which encourages the use of Kannada language through its various activities. Its activities for this semester have been successfully organizing ‘Antharanga’, the Kannada intra-collegiate fest in the month of August, with the following events:
• Mimicry
• Pick and speak
• Rangoli and mehendi
• ChalanaChitraGeethey
• Quiz and debate
• Dumb Charades
• Antakshari
• Creative writing

The members of the sangha form an active part of the Kannada theatre production of Hashmi theatre forum. The sangha has organised series of guest lectures under the title ‘Karnataka Odu’, The first guest lecture was delivered by Mr. Lakshmi Pathi Kolar ,on ‘ManavaIthihasada Song Lines’ (Song lines of Human History) and the second was held on 3rd September 2014 on ‘Kalikemattu Kannada da Odanata’ delivered by Dr.Chalapathi. Under the leadership of President Mukund Gowda, the Kannada Sangha looks to promote the use of Kannada as a language among all students through the various activities, including the inter-collegiate fest ‘Kalarava’. Sangha also looks forward for a four day intensive cultural camp to be held at the residence of Kuvempu a renowned Kannada writer, titled ‘KuvempuOdu’.