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CSA as part of it’s regular activities, this year celebrated India’s 72 nd Independence Day with the kids of Government Urdu Primary School. There are around 54 kids in this school, coming from a backward society. CSA takes immense care and responsibility to ensure that the kids get whatever they require. It doesn’t stop over there, but we also make sure that we spend most of our valuable time with the kids. We planned a variety of games and refreshments for the kids on that auspicious day.

The day started with the arrival of the chief guest .The Principal, teachers and students were present. There was a flag hoisting ceremony by the chief guest followed by his speech which was very enlightening.

We conducted a lot of games for the children and gave gifts to the winners. We conducted games such as treasure hunt, pictionary, london london statue, in and out and Kho Kho. These games were prepared on the basis where the children not only have fun but also use their intelligence to win the game.

After all the games we gave all the children food boxes. All the children were very happy. The main idea behind these event is not just to make the kids happy, but also to motivate our students to work towards such things, initiate social care in them and so that they would do the same to other people. One major thing in life is that, it is all about giving and when you see them happy because of your efforts, it makes your day special.

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Mr. Prakash

Mohammed Zaid

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Independence day celebration