Department of Business Administration

Counselling & Mentoring

Mentoring in the BBA Department is a system wherein every teacher is assigned a group of 40 to 50 students to constantly monitor them, throughout their study period in the institution. With mentoring it is possible to have a closer connection with the students’ lives emotionally, physically and mentally, which leads to their holistic development. Each First Year class of the BBA Department is allotted a mentor, who guides them throughout their journey at SJCC. An efficient mentor is one who provides guidance on personal as well as educational issues, points out the strengths and areas of development in each student, provides constructive suggestions for the overall development of the student and advises the parents to encourage their wards in capitalizing their strengths.

Benefits –
A continuous effective mentoring system shows tremendous improvement in the overall performance of the students. It leads to a remarkable improvement in the attendance and attitude of students. Students are benefited in all aspects of their life, be it academic, co-curricular or personal. Knowing that there is someone to turn to in times of trouble functions as a comfort provided for the students. Moreover parents feel gratified that their children are in safer hands.

The BBA Department recognizes the importance of counselling in positively influencing the learning and emotional well-being of its students. With a team of four dedicated counsellors – Ms. Gretta Furtado, Ms. Imsusangla A.O., Mr. Deenyar N. Garda and Ms. Bindhu Subash – students are given individual attention through counselling sessions. Apart from individual sessions for all students, our counsellors encourage an open-door policy allowing students to approach them whenever they need enabling them to work through any concerns or difficulties they may be facing.