Department of Business Administration

Principal’s Message

Rev. Dr. Daniel Fernandes, SJ
Housing the youngest population of the world, along with its advantages, brings with it added responsibility. Educating and skilling this young population is no doubt, a prerequisite to economic development. However, the single most prerogative of education is to empower individuals to make choices. If education could adequately address this one expanse of empowering our youth to make the right choices, then we would be well poised to realize the benefits of our demographic dividend.

Education at St. Joseph’s, characterized by the objectives of academic excellence, social concern and character formation strives to not only educate the students but also to form them to shine in their life and to pass on that light to others, by enkindling in them a love for learning, discovery & invention, to improve the quality of life especially for- the least, the lost and the marginalized of our Society.

A wide variety of activities are devised and implemented to help students advance towards the objectives of the institution. Students lead from the forefront in implementing novel activities each year, and this year has been no exception. As you browse through the pages of this website, you are about to witness the right choices that our students have made and the right guidance that our faculty have provided. This website is an attempt to compile all the efforts and hard work of students and staff who have strived to practice the vision and mission of the college in the best way possible.

Ranked as the 8th best in India for Commerce Studies and the 2nd best in Karnataka, the college continuously motivates the students to think and strive to reach greater heights in the true spirit of a Josephite.