Department of Business Administration

Student Support Committee

The BBA Department ensure that no student faces any kind of discrimination in the college and encourages students to approach various committees under the guidelines of the UGC for prevention and redressal of any kind of discrimination.

i) Anti- Ragging Cell<br /> Any student engaged in the act of ragging shall be suspended from college and handed over to the law. Students are warned and discouraged to engage in any such activities and efforts are taken to develop an atmosphere of friendliness and mutual respect.

ii) Sexual Harassment (Prevention and Redressal) Cell
The institution has constituted this cell to ensure that the students, teachers and non-teaching staff work together in an environment free of gender violence, sexual harassment and discrimination on the basis of sex and gender.

iii) Equal Opportunities Cell
This cell is constituted with the view to create equal opportunities for all in education and employment.

iv) Grievance Cell
The institution has a grievance redressal cell where any type of grievance that a student might face may be brought to the notice of this committee and cell.