Bachelor of business administration (International Twinning with Swansea UK)

St. Joseph’s college of commerce provides an opportunity to students of BBA for studies abroad by offering has an International Twinning programme at the Swansea University, UK.

Swansea University, UK, a traditional and research oriented university established in 1920 that shares similar values to SJCC. It has been rated one of the best in the U.K. for The Best Student Experience and is particularly known for its excellence in Accounting, Finance, Business and Management, Economics and Law.

Students enrolled under this program will complete their first year of Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) at SJCC and will resume their remaining 2 years in Swansea University, UK

Objectives of the Course:(BBA)
To widen the scope of global educational opportunity to the students.

To provide international quality education and to develop employability skills to prepare the students for global Market.

To create an awareness of various concepts in Management subjects and their application in commerce and Industry.

To enhance their knowledge in management and to enable them to keep abreast with new ideas at international level.

To promote knowledge through research – both applied and conceptual relevant to management

To enhance the decision – making skills and administrative competence of students

To motivate students to apply management techniques to new and innovative areas of management

Duration of the Course:
The course of study for the BBA Degree shall extend over a period of three academic years. Each academic year comprises of two semesters. Each Semester comprises of 18 weeks. The candidates shall complete his/her BBA Degree within six semesters from the date of admission to the First Semester of the Course.

Students, who have completed two year Pre–University Course of Karnataka State or equivalent there to, are eligible to seek admission to the BBA degree course.

Subjects of Study:
A candidate for the BBA degree course shall seek to study the subjects shown under course structure.


The BBA Twinning Programme is designed for students who aspire to be innovative leaders and entrepreneurs, and provides a comprehensive and integrated understanding of business in a contemporary and international context.

The Course curriculum is imparted by the use of innovative pedagogical tools and techniques by faculty who are highly qualified and competent.

The twinning programme widens the scope of educational opportunities and accessibility for students whereby they gain valuable experience and high level skills that employees look for through the academic courses.

Their course provides them with world-class research and practice to ensure that the students who graduate are well-equipped for the future.

Corporate internships and social internships are actively encouraged which allows students to acquire new skills, good experience and apply what they have learnt in a practical setting.

Holistic development of students by training in soft skills, computer skills, certificate courses and Interdisciplinary subjects included under the choice based credit system (CBCS)

The Department facilitates and encourages students to take up interdisciplinary courses at London School of Economics, which enables them to gain broader perspectives and skills in the field of Commerce and Management. In order to enhance their academic exposure to international standards.

Applicants please note - Applications to be filled separately for each course.