B.Com ( BPM- Industry Integrated) Program

The B.Com (BPM- Industry Integrated) course is one that has been designed taking into account mercurial business world. This special program - designed in collaboration with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) -facilitates students to conveniently pursue careers in the IT industry, as well as in sectors like Banking, Insurance, Financial Services, and Retail etc. The course enables students to have a strong fundamental base in Economics, Taxation, Statistics, Auditing, Cost Accounting, Finance and other subjects. The unique characteristic of this course is the curriculum and course framework- which has been formulated and adapted by industry experts to add an essential practical dimension to Business Process Management. Students of this program will not only be studying the above mentioned subjects, but will, in the fifth and sixth semesters, be given a choice of over 7 electives- each of which will have an entire skill based paper integrated into the theoretical content that is offered. Furthermore, in order to expose students to a practical work environment, a corporate internship in a relevant field is to be taken up in the summer following the fourth semester. Industrial visits are organized each year to enable students to understand classroom learning in relation to real life business situations. Student seminars, workshops and conferences are organized through the even and odd semesters, with guest speakers who have experience in the business environment. They will be trained in Tally, Excel and Advanced Excel mandatorily, to be equipped with industry requirements

Objectives of the Course
To facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and application skills in the domain of commerce studies and business process management.
To enable students to become job ready as per the requirements of various types of business organizations and the ITeS industry in particular.
To sharpen students’ analytical and decision making skills.
To aid students in acquiring skills of competence and competition, that would enable them to become top class, highly skilled business executives.
To develop ethical business professionals with a broad understanding of business from an interdisciplinary perspective.

At SJCC, aside from academic aspirations, holistic development of a student is its highest goal. And in order to achieve this, multiple social activities are conducted over the three year course, to develop a sense of community. In addition, students are encouraged to join the college clubs and take up credit certifications that range from IFRS to theatre and languages to help inculcate essential soft skills and interdisciplinary exposure.

The exclusive feature of this course is the integration of subjects specially prepared by industry experts to incorporate the implementation of analytical and decision making skills.
The course is taught by faculty who would be trained by these industry experts. The faculty would undergo several “Train the trainer” initiatives for this purpose.
Due to the hands on experience and training in critical thinking and practical skills, students are very well equipped to pursue careers in ITeS and other business sectors.
The industry-academia interface allows for a seamless transition into the workplace.
In the fifth and sixth semesters students undertake an exclusive “Campus to Corporate” paper, to train them to enter the practical business environment.

Teaching Pedagogy
Web based learning
Guest lectures
Seminars with relevant companies and organizations
Presentations and group discussions
Role play and practical assignments