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Professional Certificate Programmes 2018 - 2019

Professional Certificate Programs The famous adage says ‘It is not the degrees but the skills that take you far’. Understanding the importance of skill development and value enhancement programmes, in consonance with Degree programmes, St. Joseph’s College of Commerce takes pride of a long history of initiating and incorporating the value added programmes in its curriculum. Each year the Institution strives to offer an array of courses designed to achieve a specific level of competency among students.

The short term courses are called Honours Courses, now popularly known as Credit Certificate Courses twinning with a streak of Professional adeptness. The knowledge enrichment courses provide students an opportunity to enhance heir knowledge in selected areas and acquire additional skills which benefits them in the professional world.

The objective of the Certificate Programmes is to provide a wide spectrum of knowledge, skills and technological advances while fostering literacy in the broadest sense. They help to create a learner centric environment by maximizing academic learning for diverse learners. The courses create a flexible path to earn a specialized credential along with the Graduate Programme. These short duration knowledgeenrichment courses provide students to build up skills in a specific area that relates to their field of interest.

Why should you enroll for Certificate Programmes?
The waves of globalisation and liberalisation have brought tremendous industrial growth and technological advancements, thereby changing the lives of contenders among the student community. In this world of stratified changes, students must equip themselves with various skills to compete to create an opportunity in the industry. The objective of the professional certificate courses offered is to create industry interface with academics to enhance employable opportunities, avail specialised credential along with the graduate programme. The focus is to familiarise the students with emerging trends in the field of commerce and management. Each course under this programme is selected after careful evaluation of its content, productivity, shelf-life and market relevance. These courses are reviewed and revised annually in response to the changing needs and demands of the academia and Industry.

The courses run concurrently with the Graduate Programme and are spread for over 60 hours of inclusive classroom instruction, practical work, assignments, projects, case studies and presentation.

The training pedagogies in these programmes aim at equipping students with contemporary concepts, perspectives, practices and approaches. The trainers, who offer these courses, are a perfect synthesis of experience, knowledge and training skills.

Classes are scheduled either before the regular college hours or post college hours. At the successful completion of the course, students are awarded Merit and Credit Certificates.

The College has successfully collaborated with several distinguished companies that provide value add on courses to help students acquire Industry oriented skill- set, essential for their professional growth. These industry oriented certificate programmes prepare students in gaining internships and final placements in some of the very prestigious companies such as KPMG, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, HLL, HSBC etc.