Cipher the intra-collegiate business fest was conducted on the 5th and 6th of July, 2018. The theme for this year was Zyklus which, when translated from German means Business Cycle. As students of commerce and management, our lives are greatly impacted by the changes taking place in the world. With the theme, we not only have a very dynamic topic to deal with but gave the students a little insight into different phases of the business cycle.

The fest aimed to provide the participants a platform where they were put to test in different economic situations and had to survive, sustain and come up with viable solutions to the problems in question. The fest comprised of 8 events: Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Public Relations, Entrepreneurship development, Business Quiz, Best Manager and a new event was added this year: Corporate Governance and Sustenance.

The rounds posed challenging situations and participants were required to provide solutions in different ways. Problem-solving, innovations and skills were some of the many talents that were exhibited by the participants

The judges for the events ranged from entrepreneurs to corporate officials to business managers. The fest is conducted every year in order to find talented individuals and this year, the fest accomplished just that.