Campus Ethos

The ethos of a campus is the happy amalgam of a variety of things: attitudes, language, buoyancy, creativity, personal, deportment, process and product.

The campus ethos of St. Joseph’s College of Commerce is constituted of an academic fraternity radically Indian, sensitive and deferential, given to serious curricular and non-curricular work, creative in thought and action, and productive both at the individual and corporate level. It entails special concern for the disadvantaged and for women, where one honours the sanctity of a person going out of their way to be of service.

On this campus while camaraderie and restful relaxation have a place, ennui and a cynical attitude is anathema as being harmful to the Josephite image. In essence our ethos is what the founder of the Jesuits order calls, “magis”, the greater, the higher – the greater in everything.

The ratio of boys to girls in the college is seven is to three, since there are several Catholic/Christian colleges exclusively for girls in Bangalore.
The purpose of bringing growing young men and women together during the post-school period is to facilitate a healthy emotional growth while the intellect is trained in secular knowledge.
Exclusive pairing within the premises or on campus, levity in word or gesture and eve-teasing shall be considered as serious offences.

Staff-Student Rapport:
Our lives are shaped very much by the people with whom we constantly interact, and here it is the teachers.
We have an excellent Staff in this College. Students must make good use of the experience and knowledge of the staff through constant personal contact both inside and outside the classroom. Today more than ever, closer ties between staff and students are the only way to counteract the many problems arising out of mass education. This would of course mean that one is willing to be guided by the teachers.
Many of our staff members have undergone training to help students not only with academic difficulties but also with personal and emotional problems. Students should approach them for guidance, not only to solve problems but also to become more effective in the way they function. Each class is allotted a Class Mentor who will meet his/her wards regularly and also conduct well-planned programmes to bring about self-confidence, healthy interpersonal relationships and effective utilization of their talents and abilities.

Scholarships and Freeships:
In keeping with the mission of the Institution, that life is only lived well when it is lived generously in the service of others, SJCC offers financial assistance to students belonging to the following categories:
Group A: Merit-cum-need based.
Group B: Students who excel in sports and extra-curricular activities.

Group A: Scholarships for the Economically Challenged
A student of first year Degree or PG who is economically weak, especially from the rural areas is eligible to apply provided he/she furnished enough evidence for his/her eligibility, enclosing a community/income certificate. A good academic record is also required.

Maximum student’s scholarship per candidate: Rs. 5,000/Number of scholarships: 50.

Group B: Scholarships for Co-curricular and extra-curricular Activities
Any student from Degree or PG who is actively associated with the literary/cultural or sports activities of the College and has sufficient proof to support his/her application can apply. The application should have the reference of at least 2-3 staff members. Max. Student’s scholarship per candidate Rs.5000/- Number of scholarships: 25.