Research Compendium


The BBA Department is proud to present 4 volumes of the Department's Research Compendiums, which is a huge leap from single volumes published in the previous years. The department is elated by the hard work and perseverance of the immensely dedicated BBA students for their initiative. 'Nirmana' the annual seminar was organised for the 2nd year students, it enlightened them in the research process and the intricacies of research as a whole. With the help of workshops, seminars, and assistance from the faculty, the students were given the tools to publish their own papers.

The whole affair would not have come to fruition without the effort and vision of Fr. Daniel who envisioned research as a wider discipline. He has been a constant support and pillar of guidance throughout this journey.

The support and encouragement of Dr Nirmala Joseph and guidance of the Editors Dr Himachalpathy and Dr Shubra Rahul were paramount to the publication of the compendiums. Lastly, hearty congratulations to all the students for their timeless effort and persistence in the pursuit of the creation of knowledge via their research articles.

Gratitude to Ms. Tina Singh for organising and coordinating the whole event.