Intellectual Development

Major part of a student’s education at St. Joseph’s College of Commerce involves development of the mind, gathering of information in different subjects of study, understanding and putting this information into a practical frame.
The aim of study should not be just to reproduce in an examination what has been learnt, but to also cultivate the art of thinking analytically and expressing oneself clearly.
Students should not limit themselves to the class material, but go deeper into the subject by regular study and wider reading.
At the same time mental horizons should be broadened by getting a working knowledge of at least three languages.
Learning requires regular work. Students should have a timetable for their study and keep abreast of the material being covered in class.
The College has a library of over 30,000 books and a reading room. Make good use of the library particularly during free hours.
The librarian and lecturers will help to select the right books if they are approached.