Department of Business Administration

Corporate Internships

Corporate Internships are a compulsory part of the BBA course because it is believed that internships facilitate the integration of theoretical learning with its application and practice in the workplace. It enables the students to experience the changing cultures of a fast-paced work environment and their impact on the global economy.

“My time at Goldman Sachs gave me the opportunity to make an impact. Working at Goldman Sachs & Co for eight weeks has taught me quite a lot about the corporate world. My perceptions about the corporate world have been affected at the root due to my exposure to the GS Culture and its principles that highlight and embed key values such as Team-Work, Prioritization, and Team Dynamism in their employees. I have learnt and absorbed skills such as Global Networking, Communication and Professionalism. I drew strength from a highly collaborative and intellectually stimulating environment, and was part of a team that helped me succeed.”

-Dean Michael Castelino, Capital Management Division Summer Analyst (III BBM B)