Kobe College, Japan

Kobe College is an institution for higher learning for women in field of liberal arts and sciences.
The college believes in imparting critical and balanced thinking based education. As a part of their vision Kobe College has been involved in cultural exchange Programme with St. Joseph’s College of Commerce for 5 years now. A formal understanding was signed between the institutions in 2014.

The institutions agreed to exercise their best efforts to develop, but not limited to, the following activities:
• Exchange of faculty and/ or staff
• Exchange of students both undergraduate and/ or graduate
• Exchange of academic material and other information
• Joint hosting of seminars or academic meetings

Every year both the institutions host a 10 days cultural exchange Programme which includes lectures on economy and social conditions, communicative language classes, workshops on traditional crafts and visits to historical places and industries. Cultural performances are staged and presentations made on contemporary topics by the visiting students.
Indulgence in traditional clothes and food are regular features of this program.