London School of Economics

The students of BBA took a leap forward in their learning when the college facilitated their educational trip to London School of Economics and Political Science. The tenure of their course at LSE is around 3 weeks. The students experience learning from a completely different perspective as they are exposed to a different education system. The courses they take up includes Strategic Management, Human Resources and Judgment and Decision Making for management which involves a lot of practicality and applicability. Our students emerge with flying colors in the final stage of the course which involves two examinations – a presentation/essay and a written exam.

Students Speak:
“It was an enriching experience that taught me that there are different tangents to education and one simply cannot learn from just textbooks and classrooms”
- Suveer Ahuja (Consumer Behavior, LSE 2013)
“It was nothing short of an epiphany that taught me that there is no one way to management and its practical materiality in the corporate world.
Studying and living in the heart of London brought a new sense of responsibility that you cannot learn from a sheltered environment.
- Aishwarya Mohan
2 BBM B (Strategic Management)