Department of Commerce

Mainframe Research Forum

A B.Com Department Initiative
Mainframe research forum is an initiative by the B.Com Department to encourage a research culture among the undergraduate students of St. Josephs College of Commerce. The purpose of the forum is to inculcate a habit of critical thinking among the participants. Critical thinking is expected to generate questioning habits which may further lead to intelligent solutions and develop a proper foundation for learning environment.

The forum will identify students who have an inclination to pursue research initiatives. It will train participants to prepare scientific papers on social and cultural issues which will add to the existing knowledge. To help them mold their research abilities workshops, personal attention of trained guides and other training sessions will be organized to sharpen their skills.

Mainframe will work under the close supervision and guidance of research center.

To encourage research culture among undergraduate commerce students.
To help students think critically and develop a habit of raising rational questions.
To mold students design and formulate scientific papers on socio-cultural issues relevant to the time.
To help students to get their papers published in rated journals.
To help students undertake small research projects from the industry.
And to help them participate in collaborative research initiatives approved by the research center and department of commerce.