Mother language is the ‘first language’


Mother language is the ‘first language’, that every human learns. All other languages are considered as ‘second languages’. The mother language is the main symbol of one’s ethnic identity. Neither blood, nor physiological features, help in the identification of any particular ethnicity.

Mother language sparks the most original thinking in a man. It spurs imagination, creativity and innovation in every child.

No modern multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-linguistic nation in recorded history could secure peace and harmony by positioning one, of its language as the only official language. Every language therefore, needs to be held in due respect

Today, the existence of many languages, of diverse ethnic communities are at risk. Peace, stability & sustainable development in any nation, can be achieved, only by securing linguistic diversity and, by promoting multilingualism.

In the globalized and ‘flat’ world, no mother language can be left aside. Let everyone’s mother language flourish in its own rightful way.

Let our mother language unite us, in all their majestic diversity.

St. Joseph's College of Commerce in collaboration with St.Xavier's College (Calcutta) organised a program to order to accomplish the objective of SANYOG 2018 an initiative of St.Xavier college which aims to impart importance of mother language. Mr. T H Lavakumar, Assistant Professer, Department of Kannada of SJCC was felicitated for his contributions towards the Kannada language.