Nikes of Sports 2017

Nikes of Sports

Humans of Spiel #1
“I started running just to balance the hectic schedule of my academics”, says Lisa Joseph a budding athlete of SJCC. She started running at Kanteerava for relaxation and realized the positive impacts of running on her daily life.

At her very first Sports Day at Joseph’s, Lisa came first 400 m and Mixed relay, setting a standard for the years to come.

“People from rural areas without any proper facilities achieve so much in the field of athletics. They motivate me the most. All my victories would be dedicated to my parents, who stood by me every time” says Lisa.

She wishes to represent India in a Global arena in the future.

Lisa Joseph - College Athlete
Humans of Spiel #2
Achint Bhagat was pushed into sports by his father as a remedy for laziness, but it soon turned out to become a very special part of his life. Although his start to tennis was rather late – at the age of 10 – he took to it like a fish takes to water.

His family’s unconditional support provided great impetus to what is a very successful journey – he won 4 national tournaments at the Under-16 levelin 2015 and 3 national tournaments at the under-18 level in 2016 and 2017.

Achint also faced many challenges along the way, there was a time when his performance dipped, and he was under a lot of pressure to win, both from parents and himself. Things just were not falling into place, and he had to prove everyone else wrong. A ligament tear in 2014 also kept him off the court for three months and recovery took another three months. He described this period as ‘torture’ because his ranking suffered as a result of missing major tournaments. He learnt the importance of taking care of his body and not rushing back into action hastily, and accepted it only to come back stronger!

His international rank is 1281 and his highest national rank has been 28. Winning national tournaments back to back – including the Championship Series and the Talent Series – are what Achint Bhagat describes as his happiest moments, because it showed him that he could overcome anything to achieve what he sets out to do!

Achint Bhagat - College Tennis Team
Humans of Spiel #3
Crystal Clement started playing football in the third grade, when her interest was aroused by her father’s love for watching the sport. Her parents put her into coaching, and since then there’s been no looking back!

Backed by a very supportive family, Crystal has even trained under official Barcelona Coaches in Saudi Arabia and won several matches there, but faced challenges when she moved to India in the sixth grade and found that most schools didn’t have football teams for girls. She found this really hard to accept and kept approaching the management to request them for a girls’ team. This went on for a few years until they finally told her to form a team. That was the day Crystal was finally satisfied with the formation of an official school football team for girls.

Crystal has played and won many district level football matches at the PU Level, and is an indispensable part of the SJCC team. She says that after all the effort the team puts in – the early morning practice sessions and the hard work – the happiest moments are when the team wins and that nothing can compare to that.

Crystal Vania Clement - College Football Team
Humans of Spiel #4
“The comeback is always stronger than the setback”

These words aptly describe Raghav Bajpai’s journey with Badminton. Currently the Vice-Captain of the SJCC Badminton team, he didn’t have an easy start. His mother was supportive of his foray into the sport, but his father was not as encouraging – he was concerned about the culture of sports in the country, and thought it was a waste of time. But that didn’t stem Raghav’s passion and dedication towards Badminton.

The challenges didn’t stop there. Whether it was politics in the association when it came to selections, or the physical condition of being flat footed, they came in plenty, but only strengthened Raghav’s resolve and ensured he put in twice the effort his peers did.

It all paid off when he was selected for the Nationals the year he started playing competitive badminton!

Plagued by injuries like tennis elbow, ankle muscle tears, and a lower back muscle tear which was the worst, Raghav lost out on a year and was told by doctors that he’d never be able to pay professionally again. He endured with courage, and physiotherapy, strength training and unconditional support from his mother and fitness trainer ensured that he was back on the court after 6 months, and then competed in the State Championships! He was the CBSE North Zone Winner, won the bronze medal at the U.P. State Championship and the LEAPSTART National Championship, Raghav was in the U.P. Badminton Team between 2013 and 2015, and ranked 35 in India in 2014.

Now selected to be a part of the Bangalore University team to play Inter-University tournaments in the South-Zone, he has added another feather to his cap.

All this goes to show that his grit, determination, courage and hard work can take a sportsperson a long way!

Raghav Bajpai - College Badminton Team
Humans of Spiel #5
It’s not uncommon to find people who started playing sports as a hobby, only to discover how much it meant to them. One such person is Sejal Kaushik, whose father, a National Table Tennis player himself, introduced her to the game. Now, she attributes who she is, her confidence and the way she feels about herself to her sport.

She has represented Karnataka at the Senior Nationals twice in a row, played for SGFI Nationals for five years continuously and represented Bangalore University at the South Zone Championships this year, but like all sportspersons, she too has had her share of days when it has been hard to play, when she has been exhausted, and it is at times like those when she realised the importance picking herself up, pulling up her socks and working harder. Table Tennis has taught her the necessity of striving towards her goal and has also reminded her that the path is never going to be easy.

As far as challenges are concerned, she met with an ankle injury that took quite some time to recover from, but she ensured that her comeback was stronger than ever. Sejal says that the most rewarding aspects of playing Table Tennis are when, after putting in a lot of hard work, it pays off and results in something she wants - that is the best part of partaking in a sport!

Sejal Kaushik - College Table Tennis Team
Humans of Spiel #6
“My brother Vivek Nila was my inspiration and I would dedicate all my victories to my brother,” says humble and polite Vimal. He recalls the day he was rejected for the school football team and how hard he practised after that.

He is a huge fan and follower of Ronaldinho and he is very inspired by his quote “I learnt all about life with a ball at my feet.” Apart from being a class footballer, Vimal also is an amazing athlete. He came first in the 200 m relay on Sports day. We wish to see him excel at this years Spiel as well!

Vimal Raj - College Football Team
Humans of Spiel #7
Rishi started playing cricket at the tender age of 7. His parents put him into cricket to lose weight, as he was a chubby kid. Ever since, he hasn’t looked back.

“Every game is a lasting memory in the long run. You wont get to play with the same team members for a really long time”, says Rishi. He claims that being a part of this wonderful sport has showed him a different way to understanding various kinds of people.

He also thinks this sport in particular teaches lessons, which can applied in day to day life as well.

Inspired by Mathew Hayden, Rishi doesn't want to stop until he achieves something big in Cricket.

We wish you all the best, Rishi!

Rishi Bopanna - College Cricket Team
Humans of Spiel #8
“My grandmother taught me Chess at the tender age of 7. After that, my life has revolved around the sport.”

Taking decisions in a chessboard is not easy. Inspired by Nepomniachtchi, Ojas has made the chessboard his playground. “Playing chess has made me better person, the decisions I’ve taken makes me stand out from the rest,” says Ojas. “Reaching the 2405 ELO International Rating motivated me to push myself more.”

After winning the University Chess championship, Ojas is now eyeing this year’s Spiel trophy.

Ojas - College Chess Team
Humans of Spiel #9
“Badminton runs in my family. Both my parents and my grandparents are badminton players.” “Badminton is the most precious asset that I’ve inherited from my parents”, says Tanya.

Tanya believes nothing can replace hard work. She has won all the tournaments in the Under 10, 13, 15 category. “Nothing motivates me more than my parents’ expectations of me.”

She sees her role model in Saina Nehwal, and aspires to achieve high in this sport. Tanya is looking forward to leave her mark in her very first Spiel.

Tanya Chethan - College Badminton Team
Humans of Spiel #10
Abodh Kundra started playing tennis after he saw the tennis court one day and thought it might be fun to try playing the sport. There was no looking back after.

Backed by a very supportive family, he says that going to the court everyday and giving the game his all is the best feeling he could imagine. Abodh made it to a few Under-18 quarter finals, won the junior tennis league, and was in the top 200 of India’s Under-18 players.

It hasn’t been all smooth sailing, though – he faced a lot of injuries, the most recent one being when he fell down while doing fitness and got six stiches and had to take almost three weeks off, but as long as he was out he made sure he watched every match he could and practiced his strokes so that it was easy to come back stronger.

All this dedication is not in vain, because he is ranked among the top 350 in the men's category – and it’s only his first year of playing under that category!

Abodh Kundra - College Tennis Team
Humans of Spiel #11
Jothika has been in the sports field throughout her life. A talented individual, she has had her share of playing basketball, throwball, athletics, hockey and has now dedicated herself to football. “Sports diverts and frees my mind from the mundane rituals,” she says.

She believes that nothing can stop a sportsman from achieving what they want and self-confidence is key to doing justice to what one believes in.

“Knowing that my team has my back through every match is what keeps me happy,” says Jothika, who has constantly put her best foot forward and proven her potential. She made her stance in the first year it self by placing first in Shot Put and 1500 metres and making her mark on the football team. Jothika has clearly displayed that she is nothing short of brilliant and we wish her the best for this years Spiel!

Jothika Roshan - College Football Team
Humans of Spiel #12
Inspired by her sister and her very supportive family, Chandramuki Amaresh is an athlete-turned-basketballer, who started playing in the fifth grade for the Jayanagar Sports Club. She says that winning and losing doesn’t matter to her, as long as a good fight is put up to the other team.

Chandramuki has played in a lot of state level matches and PU level Nationals. As an athlete, she has participated in state level meets.

She lives by these words told to her by her coach, “If you lose something somewhere, you will gain something somewhere else. Make the most use of it, make the best of it.”

Chandramuki Amaresh - College Basketball Team
Humans of Spiel #13
Pratheek Shetty, popularly known as Shetty in our campus is a renowned footballer in the city. Pratheek is inspired by his very own batchmate Shelton Nickson.

Pratheek’s mother was into throwball and his uncle was a weight lifter. Pratheek was trained at Department of Youth services and Sports. All this made him a fierce footballer. “Whatever may be the obstacle, my love for football has always put me back on field”, says Pratheek.

Pratheek dedicates all his victories to his mother, who was Pratheek’s first coach. He captained SJCC football A team in Spiel 2016, who were the winners of the tournament. Pratheek is looking forward to win Spiel for the second consecutive year.

Pratheek Shetty - College Football Team
Humans of Spiel #14
Niraad Bose, known for his gentle smile is a budding footballer and also an athlete.

Niraad was mocked and ridiculed initially when he started playing but used his grit and determination to continue on. He was injured and was out of the team for few months but didn’t give up training. Its that courage that won him appreciation and also gave him a chance to participate in International Children Games, Bahrain in 2010.

He dedicates all his victories to Richard Hood, his coach. Niraad is focusing on long distance running too. He is all set to convert his dreams into reality.

Niraad Bose - College Football Team
Humans of Spiel #15
Bharath Shetty started playing volleyball after he was annoyed with how his brother told him he couldn’t do it. His determination to prove his brother wrong has taken him far.

His parents supported him only as long as his academics went well, but he took it up as a challenge, and says that helped keep him grounded. It’s been rather a whirlwind journey for Bharath, with many challenges along the way – he didn’t receive encouragement from teachers and there was no support from seniors either. It was at these times that he turned to his brother for strength.

He has represented Karnataka at the Mini Nationals, Sub-Junior Nationals, Senior Nationals and District Nationals, and has even led his PUC team to the State Level.

Bharath is proud of having chosen volleyball as his sport and is happiest on the court where he puts his sweat and blood into the game.

Bharath Shetty - College Volleyball Team
Humans of Spiel #16
With the tremendous support for Hockey in Coorg, it was relatively easy for Prajwal Bopaiah to take up the sport. He says that sports are integral to his family, and so it was natural that he started playing Hockey.

Bopaiah started playing at the age of 7, with the unending support of his parents which helped him enormously. He believes that once the fear of failure enters the young sportsperson’s mind, there is very little chance that he or she can succeed professionally, and therefore when challenges come knocking, his love for hockey keeps him going.

Captain of the SJCC Hockey team, Bopaiah has played at the state level six times, and represented Karnataka at the National Level three times. He describes his happiest moment as the time he led his team to win the state championship and the title was theirs after 14 years.

Prajwal Bopaiah - College Hockey Team
Humans of Spiel #17
He joined Table Tennis classes to spend his holidays productively, and Ankith instantly fell in love with this sport.

In one of his tournaments, when he lost a point he hit his racket to the table and broke it and was issued a yellow card. Playing Table Tennis helped him to keep this kind of stress and anger levels at a low.

“Table tennis has helped me a lot in reducing my anger and to maintain a better temperament.” “My friends are the best. They are my constant motivators at every tournament” says Ankith.

Having won the Intercollegiate south zone tournament and St.John’s tournament for 2 years in a row, Ankith is all set to tackle this year’s Spiel.

Ankith Swamy - College Table Tennis Team
Humans of Spiel #18
“My dad used to take part in corporate tournaments when I was young, and he was my very first inspiration,” says Koshy. “Winning the Christ University football tournament under my captaincy is one of the best memories Football has given to me.” A huge Ronaldo fan, he believes in playing fair at any cost . He certainly enjoys the fame and recognition of being an athlete inside the college.

“My friends are always there for me, they are my biggest strength”, says the outstanding footballer.

Having won the Baldwin Shield and Christ University tournaments, Aayush is all set to dedicate his success in Spiel to his dad.

Ayush David Koshy - College Football Team
Humans of Spiel #19
Sports has always been part of Simren Henry's family background. Her parents also being sportspersons encouraged her to take up any sport of her choice and she chose cricket inspired by her dad, a professional cricketer himself.

Simren’s parents have always been her motivation and support. She says, “I am never told to put cricket aside for anything else. I'm fortunate to have a supportive family.” She believes that if there aren't thorns on the way, the fruit won't be worth enjoying. Difficult situations come along the way but Simren has learnt to overcome them. "Focus on what you can control", she says "Don't worry too much about what is not in our hands. This way we'll grow by not giving excuses." Additionally, she doesn't like it when men cricketers show a soft corner and sympathy towards her while playing. "Just because we are women, it doesn't mean we are any less. I'm always up for competition!” she declares.

Simren fondly recalls the recent time when she created a record for her highest score of 154 (not out) in 72 balls on her father’s birthday. Her parents had come to watch her play that day and as she scored her ton, she turned towards her dad with her bat held up high and said, "This is my gift to you!" and dedicated the knock to him. That tournament was also memorable as she got 400 runs in 4 matches and got The Player of the Tournament Award for the inter- university tournament held at Bangalore in 2017.

Simren has been representing Karnataka for the past 8 years and made her debut into the state U-16 squad in 2010 when she was 12 years old. She played in the Karnataka Under-16 Girls Cricket team for four years and captained the squad for two years. She was also part of Karnataka’s Women Under-19 team for five years and currently plays for the Under-23 Team and the Senior State (Ranji) Team. She also represented the South Zone in the National tournament and Bangalore University and got the Best All-Rounder Award in 2017.

Simren has had minor injuries like sprains, muscle pulls and impact injuries but hasn't missed a game for any injury, because she doesn't want to lose out on any opportunity. "Cricket is a hard ball game and staying mentally strong is very important". She has come to realize that staying fit is the key and so she spends most of her time doing fitness and playing other sports too.

Simren Henry - College Cricket Team
Humans of Spiel #20
Rakshit R Barigidad is a very cool, silent and an energetic whole hearted sportsman.

He has made his name in Karnataka by representing the state continuously for 7 years in all the championship tournaments and enjoys the fame completely.

He started his sports career in table tennis along with his elder brother at Dharwad at the age of 9. He has won the District Level Mini Olympics at Dharwad for three years in a row to become the first hattrick winner at his age. He has fondly been nicknamed as a Golden boy in Kendriya Vidyalaya Schools. Rakshit has maintained consistency with regard to his academics and sports which has earned him the respect that he deserves.

Today, he credits his fame to his regular practice at his club. He excelled in the sports career reaching up to his highest level at the 61st S.G.F.I. Nationals 2016 at Medak, Telangana by winning gold in the team event and individually placing 4th in Nationals. He then lead the Indian Team at the Asian School Games tournament, 2016 at Singapore, where the team won the bronze medal in team events category, and he reached the quarters in the individual category.

If that’s not enough, he also lead the Bengaluru University team for South Zone Championship tournament for team events at Chennai.

He has also represented in 10K marathon twice in Bengaluru TCS and also played lawn tennis at District level in schools.

Rakshit has also spent his time playing cricket and football as well as cycling and swimming. It is safe to say that SJCC is privileged to have individuals as talented as him.

Rakshit R Barigidad – College Table Tennis Team
Humans of Spiel #21
Neha M’s journey with sports started when her PT Sir selected her to play kabbadi, which only unlocked her potential. She soon gravitated towards football and gave it her all.

Faced with her own set of challenges, she persevered. Her parents were not the most supportive initially, because they placed more importance in academics. But her passion for the game soon won them over, and as her achievements in sports increased, so did their encouragement.

She faced a stressful period when she had to manage sports, studies and work. “I wasn’t able to give my best to sports. Therefore, I had to take the hard decision of giving up my job in order to give more commitment to sports.”

Captain of the SJCC Women’s Football Team, Neha says that the role has shown her the excitement of taking responsibility, as well as being a good team player. She has played state level football twice and has also represented Bangalore University in Women’s Football.

Firm in her belief that victory is in the quality of competition and not the final score, "I want to be remembered as the girl who gave her all whenever she was on the field!" she declares.

Neha M - College Football Team
Humans of Spiel #22
Aradhana GR started playing Throwball at the age of nine, encouraged by a supportive family. She faced challenges when she didn’t get a lot of opportunities initially and faced a lot of discouragement, but continued nevertheless, and played at the state level in high school as well as in Pre-University.

A firm believer in doing what makes her happy, Aradhana describes her happiest moment as being when she was given the best player award for Throwball in tenth grade.

Aradhana GR - College Throwball Team 
Humans of Spiel #23
Getting into sports was a childhood dream for Pooja Jasani, but she actually started playing Table Tennis only much later. Her family has been very encouraging of her journey with Table Tennis, even during the difficult times. She loves every moment at the table and has won numerous accolades in the sport.

Pooja has played at the PU Level and participated in many intercollegiate tournaments and also secured the 1st position at the BU Intercollegiate Tournament last year!

After the ninth grade she had to stop, and she craved to get back to the game. SJCC gave her the platform to start playing again, and she hasn’t disappointed!

Pooja Jasani - College Table Tennis Team
Humans of Spiel #24
Sanjana Krishnamurthy says, “I wasn't really into sports, I was a bharatanatyam dancer.”

It all changed when the basketball coach in her school picked her in fifth grade, and she started attending practice. The game came to her very naturally, and she got in to the school team.

Her family has always been supportive of her playing, but she faced difficulties when she had to shift homes from Malleshwaram to Nagarbhavi and the distance became a problem because she had to travel a lot at the age of 14 and 15. But Sanjana says it was worth it and describes her happiest moments as being when she played for her coach in school.

s She has represented Karnataka, played for Cluny Convent and Sophia High School where she studied and won awards there. Sanjana also represented SJCC in the BU Team this year.

Sanjana Krishnamurthy - College Basketball Team
Humans of Spiel #25
Harsha S. wasn’t interested in sports initially, but when he joined St. Joseph's Indian High School in the fifth standard – a school that is known for sports performance - he gravitated towards hockey because he found it interesting.

He says that his parents have always encouraged all his endeavours and that they were the first to support his playing hockey.

Harsha had a tough start when he was a rookie, but lots of hard work and practice has brought him to the position he is in now – with eight school and PU State Meets, and six National Level meets, including PU Junior and Sub-Junior Nationals, under his belt!

Happiest when he scores a goal that helps his team edge towards victory, Harsha is a force to reckon with on the hockey field!

Harsha S - College Hockey Team
Humans of Spiel #26
Supreeth Suryaprakash used to love watching his seniors play basketball when he was around 10 years old. He would be absorbed in watching them play, and only after some time had elapsed, he would let his mother take him back home from school. That’s how it all started – his parents decided to get him involved in playing the sport. Both his parents were sportspersons during their college days, and so there was no lack of support from them.

He believes that every day is a new day to keep working towards his goal. While there have been ups and downs from the very day he started playing, his mantra is to keep at it.

Supreeth says his happiest moment was when he got in to SJCC, it was a dream come true. He gives complete credit to Coach Manoj and says that all that he has achieved is thanks to him.

Also the Sports Secretary of SJCC, he has played at the state level, national level and has also represented Bangalore University.

Injuries are the worst thing that can happen to a sportsperson, and Supreeth has had his fair share of them. Dislocating his elbow led to him missing the very important Bangalore University Tournament, which was a huge trial. His teammates helped during the process of recovery, and soon he was back on the basketball court, playing just like before.

When you love doing something as passionately as he loves basketball, you know you will never tire of it or get bored. To sum it up, basketball is Supreeth’s life!

Supreeth Suryaprakash - Sports Secretary and College Basketball Team