Nikes of Sports

Humans of Spiel #1
Proving time and again that sports is in his blood, backed by being the State Champion 6 times in 400 metres, he claims that his dad is his biggest mentor.
He enjoys the difficulties of facing injuries as part of athletics and yet performs to excel.
Settling for a couple National medals is just not his thing.
"Having an Indian Jersey in my cupboard and a medal in my showcase is my short term goal", he says, clearly displaying his passion and determination.

Bharath L Gowda - College Athlete
Humans of Spiel #2
"There are many things in life that will catch one's eye, but only a few will catch your heart and Tennis has certainly caught mine. Tennis has always been a part of my life and I don’t consider it a hobby but rather a passion," says the Captain of the SJCC tennis team. Apart from winning the Bangalore University tournament for 3 consecutive years, and being the BU Captain in 2015, he was also awarded the "Best Player" award at Chrispo 2015 and Spiel 2016. Clearly making it obvious that the college will not be surprised to receive another medal from him this year!

Karan Pravindra - College Tennis
Humans of Spiel #3
As human beings, we all want a lifetime to change our lives. But Gopan Unni needs only 90 minutes to change his and the life of everyone around him.

Being a passionate football player and a booming athlete, he never seems to miss an opportunity to make us proud. He goes by the quote "life is a game" and it is his strongest belief. He chooses to make the most of every opportunity he gets.
An extremely talented footballer, he says "football doesn't take talent, it's takes passion and dedication. I've been playing football for as long as I can remember and it has become a major part of my life. I learnt a lot about life with a ball at my feet".
From representing Karnataka state in the U14 category, India in various categories of U14, U16, U17 on various prestigious tournaments, winning the international tournament- Subroto cup, an AIFF academy product. He has been there in all. What more could one ask for, as he played for our very own Bengaluru FC and currently playing for 2nd division I-league club Ozone FC Bangalore, its all a dream come true for him.

Gopan Unni - College Football Player
Humans of Spiel #4
Behind all the painstaking hours of practice, all the motivation from the coach, all the sleepless nights filled with doubts, there was a girl who shot a ball, fell in love with the game and never looked back.
"It's been over a decade since I started to play. My relentless passion and love for the game have given me the courage to push harder and to surpass my own expectations. Each time when someone tried to bring me down, I got back up stronger. Discrimination only made me more resilient," says the budding basketballer.
A two-time national representative(U16 and U18), A U18 silver medalist, and five-time state representative, she surely does wonders on the college team.

Shwetha Naidu - College Basketball Player
Humans of Spiel #5
A baby's first step is every parent's longing. But for Shelton's parents, it was his first kick towards football.
Football is not just a game for him, but his own world of happiness. Its his way of being the person he dreams of. A talented and dedicated footballer, he says " Ronaldinho, Pele and Maradona are few players that inspire others to play football, but for me it was my dad"
Being from a professional football background family and his dad's success, he doesn't believe in shortcuts but in his own strengths to which he desires to play for India one day.
Captaining the U-16 State team and vice-captaining the U-19 State team to getting selected in BFC U-19, signing his first club Ozone FC to getting qualified for 2nd division, representing U18 I league for BFC to getting selected for Santhosh trophy in the senior team, all this shows his hard work and endless effort.
Shelton not only thinks about himself, but of his parents too. He does everything possible to make his parents proud. One such incident is when he got his first salary and spent it all to buy presents for his parents just too see a smile on their face.
In short, he's a person trying to pay back his blessings from God, his friends and more importantly his parents.

Shelton Nickson - College Football Player
Humans of Spiel #6
"I am most calm while I'm playing. It's an incredible learning experience and has definitely played a huge part in helping me develop into the person I am today, patient and self-motivated," says this promising badminton player who has won 2 State ranking tournaments in doubles.
Having represented 3 KV Nationals in Lucknow, Chandigarh, and Bangalore, Martin shows us that the spinning feathers and skinny rackets bring out the best in people.

Martin Benny - College Badminton Player
Humans of Spiel #7
Although he started playing only a few years ago, he shows us how dedication and commitment can go a long way.
“A day without basketball is an incomplete day for me. In the long run, I want to be able to play for Services,” says the crisp 3-point shooter of the College team.
“Fitness is key to performing on court and having a balanced state of mind off court, so I try to remain fit all year long.” Having represented Karnataka at the 66th Junior Nationals held at Chhattisgarh in 2015, he is eagerly waiting to showcase his talent at Spiel. Let’s see what he has in store for us.

Akhil Ubhayakar - College Basketball Team
Humans of Spiel #8
With the aggression of Virat Kohli and being called Virat in the Joseph's team, he plays every game with the passion to win!
He never undermines his opponents and respects them no matter how strong or weak they are.
Being captain of the College cricket team, he is known to treat his teammates like his brothers. Having played alongside Rahul Dravid and learnt a lot from him especially his motivation to play to the spirit of the game, he says "winners don't make excuses when the other side plays the game!"
As Spiel 2017 is his last one, he and his team are working really hard to make it a memorable one.
Good luck on the pitch, Captain!

Surya Raj - College Cricket Team
Humans of Spiel #9
Nitin Lazarus, states that, "You don't inspire your teammates by showing them how amazing you are, you do it by showing them how amazing they are."
He has been passionate about cricket since he was 10 years old. The sport runs in his family and he has been a hardworking cricketer for whichever team he has represented.
"The game has brought out the best in me and adds value to my life as it is the gentleman's game."
He plays the role of the finisher due to his capability of hitting big sixes at will and has won the hearts of everyone on the team but will always stand up for what the team requires of him.
He is one of the most humble people you can come across on the cricket field and ensures he carries the attitude off the field as well.
"Despite injuries hampering my game, I didn't give up on cricket because I'm enjoying what cricket has given me, it is what has shaped me as a human being today but it's really important for all of us to remain fit not matter what."
'Laz' has represented the Bangalore zonal team in the under 14 & 16 category. However, he says "personal milestones and achievements are not my thing, my aim is to contribute to the team and win games of cricket the right way." He also states that the South African Superstar and our RCB superstar, AB de Villiers is his idol.
We know Laz is eager to showcase his skills at this years Spiel, and bring the glory home for SJCC, so let's hope he does just that.
To sum it all up, he's a living example to show that sports doesn't build character,it reveals it.

Nitin Lazarus - College Cricket Team
Humans of Spiel #10
From dreaming of being on the college team, to starting for the team now, ‘Nandu’ has always been extremely sincere towards football.
Known for her athletic skills and stamina, she is often called ninja.
“Football has made me grow, it has shaped me into the confident person that I am today,” she says.
Not only was she selected for the BU Women’s team but also is a stunning dancer for the College western team. She really is a package!

Nandini G - College Football Team
Humans of Spiel #11
“I think, team first, it allows me to succeed, it allows my team to succeed”
The above sentence isn’t just a quote by Rohan's idol Lebron James, it is an ideology he lives by both on and off the court.
Dedication, work ethic and sheer determination are the three things that make Rohan what he is and also make him so formidable every time he steps on the basketball court. The current captain of the SJCC basketball team, Rohan has led the team to numerous achievements and accolades. He believes that when we bleed in practice, the battle becomes easy and he treats every single practice session like it's his last, giving his blood, sweat and tears.
A born leader, he does his best to motivate, encourage and support his teammates. As a player, Rohan shoots with exceptional accuracy and is a tenacious rebounder. He has a sharp knack for calling and executing plays to perfection.
He has a tattoo that says “I Promise”. Will he be able to fulfil his promise and lead the team to be crowned as the champions of Spiel 2017?

Rohan Raj - College Basketball Team
Humans of Spiel #12
Having his grandfather play for the Army hockey team, Britto had huge shoes to fill in before he decided to start playing the sport. Once he made up his mind at the age of 10, he knew there was no looking back as he fell in love with it more and more every day that he trained.
“The turning point for me would be when I wasn’t selected for the District level tournament because the selectors thought I was immature, but that only made me stronger,” says Britto, who not only ended up playing the District level tournament but also the State team.
From being awarded the ‘Best Hockey Player’ at his graduation from SJPUC, he has achieved much more ever since. “I believe in perseverance and hard work, I can proudly say that I played for RBI for 2 years and now for BSNL,” says the captain of the College hockey team.
Without a doubt, we will see the hockey team raising that trophy at Spiel 2017.

Britto Roysten - College Hockey Team
Humans of Spiel #13
A die hard Manchester United fan, Calvin takes huge pride in playing football, what he considers his passion. “Anyone can dream big, but sacrifice, commitment and determination is what it takes to achieve it,” says the outstanding goal keeper of the College team.
He claims that praying before each match is what gives him the most confidence.
Apart from playing for a Japanese University club called Yokosuka FC, he signed his professional contract for the Bangalore Football Club in 2016 and made his historic Debut in the Asia Federation Cup Finals on November 5th, 2016, at Qatar, Doha. The boy that once started off his career at SAI and who has made it this far says, “My mother’s smile is the reason for my success.”

Calvin Abhishek - College Football Team
Humans of Spiel #14
"If you want to see aggression on a cricket field then look into my eyes"
Yash has been playing cricket since he was 6 years old . The game has been part of him all through his childhood.
"Commitment, Dedication and Discipline are the three most important things that the sport has taught me."
Being an all rounder , Yash adds the perfect balance to the team . His role is to either go out there in the middle and post a big total for the opposition or to finish the game, Dhoni style.
Yash has represented the Bangalore Zonal team in the under 19 category .
Indian Cricket Team Superstar Rahul Dravid is his cricketing idol.

Yash Kothari - College Cricket Team
Humans of Spiel #15
"I was born and brought up in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, so my knowledge in hockey was zero. Sitting in the gallery and watching my brother play everyday is how I learnt the sport,” says Aaron, who started his career in hockey at the age of 10. Motivated by his dad, who was a National level referee, he claims that his contribution to sports is mainly due to his family’s remarkable sports background. At 11 years, he played the District level tournament, alongside his brother and just a year later, he played for the National team.
“When my brother got an offer to be selected for the Sports Authority of India team, I put my kit into his bag without anyone’s knowledge. Little did I know that my name would be called out too.” After endless convincing, young Aron lived in a hostel, away from his parents, just so he could concentrate on his hockey career.
Having played for the National team 17 times now, and captained most of those tournaments, he currently plays for the senior SAI team.
Clearly, we will be expecting numerous awards from this champ, who shows us that “nothing comes easy, you need to work for what you want.”

T Aron Saroj - College Hockey Team
Humans of Spiel #16
To open the batting for your team requires great intent and aggression, he possesses these qualities. He has taken the responsibility to give a good start to the team to get to a good total.
Laggan is inspired by Gautam Gambhir and David Warner.
He loves Gambhir's aggression and Warner's ablity to score quick runs.
Having represented karnataka in under 16,19 and 25 zonals, he has also been among the top 3 run scorers in the KSCA 2nd division league. He states that "don't stop chasing ur dreams, because dreams do come true".

Laggan Jain - College Cricket Team
Humans of Spiel #17
"As a restless child with lots of energy, at the age of 10, my father decided to enroll me into a summer badminton camp. This was an ideal start for channelizing my energy into a sport," says Siddharth.
He claims that his skills improved tremendously due to the constant support for his coach and the his good teammates.
The badminton court is now known to be his second home. "My passion for badminton grew from then on and with each victory at the state & national level the desire to achieve more grew within me," says the silver medalist in Junior mixed team championship south zone in 2015, bronze medalist in National school game and former under 19 doubles state champion.

Siddharth Satheesan - College Badminton Team
Humans of Spiel #18
Having held National rank #32 in the under 18 category and Andhra Pradesh State rank #7, Abhinav started his tennis career at a very young age. His continuous passion and dedication for the sport has led him into his 10th year of professional tennis. Through these years he has participated in several national and international level tournaments. He has won numerous national tournaments and will be looking to do the same at Spiel 2017.

Abhinav Macedo - College Tennis Team
Humans of Spiel #19
Rohan Achaiah, being the son of the soil has always had hockey deep in his roots. Having been born and brought up in Coorg, playing hockey runs in his blood. His main source of motivation is his dad.
Having been introduced to stick and ball at a very young age, Achaiah has achieved a lot. He was a part of the team which won silver in state level and has played for A and B division in Bangalore. His love for the game is manifested in his affiliation to many clubs in both Bangalore and Coorg.
“Fitness is key to be an achiever” says Achaiah, the vice-captain of the College hockey team. He is known to be fearless, on and off the field and his respect for his fellow team-mates and the game will see the hockey team through Spiel 2017.

Rohan Achaiah - College Hockey Team
Humans of Spiel #20
Disha Dechamma,hails all the way from Coorg and is currently pursuing her 1st year of MCom. "Do or die" is her motto and this is truly evident from her achievements in football. Her list of achievements goes on and few of them are:
*Awarded the best captain for the year 2015-16 in JNC
*Awarded best player of the year in sphygmus 2015 -16
*Represented the Bangalore University for football

Currently part of the college football team,
Disha says, the game has taught her teamwork, perseverance, leadership and many other qualities, she also claims that in the nation of cricket hungry people women's football has a long way to go.

Disha Dechamma - College Football Team
Humans of Spiel #21
"Everyone needs an escape from something. It's different for each of us and basketball just happened to be mine," says Shanice, who started playing simply to get away from the chaos in her early life. As she soon developed a love for the game, her skills kept on improving because she strongly believes that "when talent does not work hard, hard work beats talent."
"I have been blessed and privileged to grow in my sport to represent my school as captain, college team as vice captain, two time National representative and as a Bangalore university representative; which are some of the ultimate honours for any sports person," she claims.
As time passed basketball was something that rose from the ashes of her hardships and has been a Phoenix that cannot be caged. She is grateful to the numerous people who helped her grow along the way, especially her coaches who never stopped believing in her and pushed her to her highest potential. She clearly shows us that "when life gets too hard to stand, kneel."

Shanice Dias - College Basketball Team
Humans of Spiel #22
"Whatever I achieve, is just for my parents, because they're the whole world to me", says Loukik Tv. Having loved volleyball since the tender age of nine, he says his brother, a state player, was his greatest inspiration.
His list of achievements, is undoubtedly long, but to mention a few, he has :
-Represented the state, twice for volleyball
-Played the B division for the club
Loukik says it is his goal, to be there in the Indian camp and play for railways.
Apart from volleyball, Loukik is well versed in cricket, handball and athletics.
Yet, he believes that he is "Born for volleyball".

Loukik Tv - College Volleyball Team
Humans of Spiel #23
Having started her Table Tennis career at the age of 8, Aishwarya has won laurels for her Institution and State. From securing a bronze medal in the National women’s doubles category, to being captain of the Bangalore University team, she has been awarded numerous distinguished awards. Proving to be a star, she will surely be making the college proud this Spiel.

Aishwarya Nair - College Table Tennis Team
Humans of Spiel #24
"If you win silver sooner or later people will forget you but, if you win gold you will always becone an example" Sharath Shetty, is currently pursuing his 3rd year BCom started his athletic career only 3 years ago.
He tells it's not an easy task to win a medal in athletics for the country, like any other sport. A lot of dedication, hard work?sacrifices and struggle is required on the tracks to achieve it.
Shetty's only goal is to be the first athlete to win a gold medal for his country in the Olympics.
A person who is filled with dedication, he endlessly motivates himself to pursue his ambition.

Sharath Shetty - College Athlete
Humans of Spiel #25
Having secured the gold medal at Bangalore University inter-collegiate this year, Anirudh is extremely passionate about the sport. His liking for Table Tennis developed at the age of 14, and today, he plays for Sports Authority of India.
Needless to say, his dedication towards the sport shall be rewarded with umpteen number of awards for the college.

Anirudh Thyaga - College Table Tennis Team
Humans of Spiel #26
Being extremely shy, Anirudh does not speak much but is known for his cool and calm nature in the world of Table Tennis.
Known for his amazing strokes during matches, he started his sports career when he was 9 years old.
He has shown some exceptional growth in sports from - winning Bronze medal for India at Singapore and being current Men Champion of Karnataka at very young age. During school days in Dharwad he was nick named as “Golden boy” due to his exceptional achievements. It is his hard work and persistence that bought him to this level. We wish him the very best for his matches.

Rakshit Barigidad -College Table Tennis Team
Humans of Spiel #27
Captain of the college football team, Nihal is known to play every match like his last, with extreme determination. Considered to be one of the finest forwards the team has ever had, he has been playing football since he was very young. 'Collu' often catches the eye of not only students but also coaches who compliment him of being an offensive threat.
Off the field, he carries on responsibilities of the Sports coordinator of SJCC and manages his academics and sports with ease.
Having represented India at the Great Wall Cup, China and awarded 6 best player trophies in his 3 years at Joseph's, he recently suffered from a broken cheek bone injury, he got back on the field in no time, proving to aspiring footballers that nothing should stop you from doing what you love.
"It's now or never. Prove to yourself why you deserve to be on the team." is his mantra before every game to his teammates, that has led them to the semi finals match on Friday at 12:00pm.

Nihal Colaco - College Football Team & SJCC Sports Coordinator