The first and second year BCOM students participated in a variety of community and social service activities as a part of their respective class outreach programs. Some classes cleaned up parts of prominent gardens of the city, such as Lalbagh and Cubbon Park, whereas others lead a Traffic Awareness campaign by holding boards with safety slogans at major traffic junctions. Another large group of students visited the Home of Hope, an old age home, where they interacted with elderly people. They also played games with, and organized an entertainment program for them. Through these varied activities, our students imbibed the spirit of togetherness and selflessness. The students were encouraged to document their experience in the form of a collage, to stoke their artistic skills as well. All in all, it was an extremely enriching experience.

"Meeting the elderly citizens was a real eye-opener. It made me think of the state of our society . Will surely visit Home of Hope again"
Priya Moraes, 2 BCOM A

"We helped spread awareness about road safety and if even one person changed their road behavior, I will be happy" -
Nidhi Balu, 2 BCOM D

"I'm glad our college has given us the opportunity to contribute to our society and educate the masses. It really builds up our character"
Prathna Manoj, 2 BCOM D

"Seeing in the joy and love in the eyes of the people at Home of Hope really uplifted our spirits as well. I have vowed to to make the world a better place, starting now "
Junia Zami, 2 BCOM D

"It felt really good after cleaning up parts of Lalbagh. I really felt like I was doing my bit for our Garden City"
Saniha Swaroop Hegde, 2 BCOM A