Post Graduate Department



“Most people fail in life not because they aim too high and miss, but because they aim too low and hit”- Les Brown

Life at SJCC prepares you to face any challenge the outside world throws at you. Not just facing the challenge, you are prepared to emerge victorious. The tag of a Post Graduate from SJCC will take you a long way in life and this has been true in every sense for me till date.

From a challenging curriculum to the most experience teachers to guide you in every step, SJCC has it all. Letting you make crucial decisions and guiding you in every step like the North Star, the experienced faculty of the PG department moulds you to face the tough hardships – be it at the Corporate or at the teaching career. From organizing seminars to writing complex research papers and teaching a class of hundred, you learn it all. You learn to approach life more matured and the responsibility given to you motivates you even harder to push for success in life. SJCC had a great impact on my career, helping me clear the NET in my very first attempt and recognizing my teaching and oratorical skills by giving me an opportunity to teach in such a prestigious institution. Extra curricular activities and honing my research skills helped me look at problems differently and come up with more effective and creative solutions.

A masters program in SJCC is not just a degree. It is an experience. One must live it to understand it!

Krishnan Mahadevan
Business Analyst,
Goldman Sachs India