Post Graduate Department

Internship & Placements

The internship programme provides the students an opportunity to link their academic knowledge to the industry requirement, thereby enabling them to deepen their understanding in the subject and at the same time gain experience in the concerned field of work.

As part of the P.G program, it is mandatory for all M.Com and M.Com (IB) students to undertake an internship at the end of the 2nd semester during the summer break. The Internship has to be for a period of 6-8 weeks. For the students of M.COM (FA), a six months corporate internship is mandatory during their 4th semester.

Students can apply the insights obtained from the industry into research or to polish their entrepreneur skills. The internship program also adds value to the students resume at the time of placements.

Period of Internship
For the M.COM and M.COM (IB) students, the period of Internship shall be for a minimum period of SIX WEEKS during the summer holidays at the end of the Second Semester and before commencement of the Third Semester. However on the other hand, for the M.COM (FA) students SIX MONTHS corporate internship must be completed during their fourth semester of the academics. If the student can log in SEVEN to EIGHT WEEKS it would be beneficial. If the firm where the student intends to intern insists that he/she put in minimum seven or eight weeks, prior permission from the H.O.D. P.G. Dept. must be taken.

The requirement for an Internship is of MINIMUM 288 hrs, or 36 working days.

Places where internships may be done
The Internship can be done at a firm, company, institution, bank, financial institution, asset management, auditing company, market research firm, or similar, appropriate business environments such as a retailer, services provider, dealership, distributorship, transport firm, logistics and shipping companies, healthcare services, real estate developer, agriculture-based enterprise, social services, government, NGOs, BPO/KPO firms, IT related firms, Bio-tech firms, educational services, hospitality business such as a hotel, caterers, any small and medium enterprises, Cottage industries etc.

Places where internships should not be done
One-man or one-woman shops, Mom-and-Pop stores, pawn shops and such are not considered as learning environments. Should a student have a question in respect of a special business model, please check with the H.O.D. – P.G. Dept.

Significance of Summer Internship
The Internship should advance the student’s knowledge of a career path or professional field that he/she is considering or pursuing.

The Internship will also serve another important function; that of enabling the student to focus on a topic/topics for the dissertation which follows in the 3rd Semester.

Guides for Internship
The internship site must have a Supervisor or ‘External Guide’ who will agree to mentor and evaluate the student. Mentorship includes reviewing the student’s goals for the internship with him/her at the outset of the internship; offering insights into concepts, strategies, and methods; and guiding him/her toward research materials that will enhance his/her knowledge of the field and provide first-hand experience of a serious working environment.

Ideally, the firm chosen by the students and the operational area of the environment should reflect the student’s chosen field of interest such as Sales & Marketing, Market Research, Consultancy, Shipping, Logistics, Finance, Financial Services, Banking, Accounts & Auditing, Manufacturing, Quality Control, Industrial Engineering, Human Resources, Government, Hospitality Management, Healthcare Services, IT Industries, Agriculture, Social Services, Education, etc.

Internship Placement
The Internship placement is entirely the responsibility of the student.
The College will provide assistance by way of writing official letters of introduction and providing reference and guidance, should such assistance become necessary.
The HOD - PG Dept. will appoint, at her discretion, one or more Internship coordinators from the PG faculty assigned to specific students to be their ‘Internal Guides’ in order to assist the students to prepare him/her for the interview with potential “employers”, to monitor and evaluate progress.

Interviewing for an internship is conducted in the same manner as full-time employment interviews. It is not acceptable for a student to miss an interview without contacting both the potential employer and the internal guide.

Learning Agreement & Learning Objectives:
The company, the student, and the internal guide will sign a learning agreement detailing the internship description so that all parties have a clear understanding of the objectives.

The learning agreement should be completed and submitted to the internal guide no later than the end of the first week of the internship.

• Students are expected to behave and dress professionally during their internship.
• Students will be subject to the dress and professional codes, including, but not limited to maintaining confidentially for their employer and notifying the employer if unable to work.
• Students must work at least 288 hours to satisfy the internship credit course and complete the required reports listed below.
• Students should contact the internal guide immediately if they have any concerns since early intervention can help eliminate student or employer concerns.