President's Message

This is an anecdote from the life of Einstein, the great physicist. He was once travelling on a train. Sure enough the conductor came to punch the tickets. When he came to Einstein, Einstein searched his vest pocket. He couldn't find his ticket. So he searched in his trouser pockets. It wasn't there either. So he looked in his briefcase but couldn't find it; he looked in the seat beside him. He still couldn't find it. At that moment, the conductor said, "Dr. Einstein, I know who you are... We all know who you are. I'm sure you have bought a ticket. Don't worry about it."

Einstein nodded appreciatively. The conductor continued down the aisle punching tickets. As he was ready to move to the next car, he turned around and saw the great physicist down on his hands and knees looking under his seat for his ticket. The conductor rushed back and said, "Dr. Einstein,, Dr. Einstein, don't worry, I know who you are, No problem... You don't need a ticket... I'm sure you have bought one..." Einstein looked at him and said, "Young man, I too know who I am. What I don't know is where I am going."

This year is significant for SJCC. First, it is the platinum Jubilee of Jesuit presence in SJC institu¬tions. The Jesuits inherited the great St Joseph's College institutions from MEP Fathers. Second, of course is the fortieth birthday of SJCC. The seed of SJCC was sown in 1972. Both these events are significant in the sense that they speak about the identity of SJCC and invite us to ask a few questions about its future orientations.

SJCC has a unique history. In 1972 it was dismembered from St Joseph's College which was start¬ed by MEP Fathers in 1882 and given a new existence as an independent College on Brigade Road. SJCC from a very humble beginning - small number of students in a small structure - has grown into a mighty institution that educates over 1500 students now. It has grown not only in terms of number of students and buildings but also as a major attraction for quality education. It is all be¬cause of the relentless efforts of the management, faculty, staff and students. I salute them all. Fortieth year not only makes us nostalgic about all that has been but also energizes us to walk ahead with new dreams.

Hence I invite the faculty, staff and students to ask an important ques¬tion: what next? Is it enough for us just to add a few courses, increase some facilities, win a few prizes or should we think radically about our present identity and future orientation? Every generation has its own answer. I am sure the College will come up with a new vision and mission and concretely draw up a new road map to march ahead with enthusiasm.

Rev. Dr. Jerome Stanislaus D'Souza, SJ, M.A, Ph.D
St.Joseph's College of Commerce (Autonomous)