I still remember my first day at college like it was yesterday. Walking past those huge gates and seeing a flood of people who I’m pretty sure had the same thought running through their head, ‘Boy, this is scary.’ Over the next few weeks, those unknown faces became the people you bumped into on the corridors or see walking passed your class and most importantly, they became your friends. I’m not sure if it’s because of its size but by the end of year one at SJCC you would get to know practically everyone.

SJCC has a lot to offer apart from academics and that’s well known. The management gives each student ample opportunity to showcase their talents and no one can say that there’s not a stage where they couldn’t showcase their abilities. Fests are held throughout the year and vary from Literature to Sports, from Theatre to Choir. Not a month goes by without something happening in college.

Talking about academics, there are numerous courses that are being offered to students. And in addition there are various credit courses too which are always available for students who want to take up something different.

Teachers are an integral part of any college and I feel the teachers at SJCC carry the same vibe as the students. They know when to have fun and they know when to be serious. They always ensure you reach your maximum potential. After graduating from SJCC, I can proudly say that it has shaped me to be a better person as the values instilled right from the beginning will hold good for a very long time.

Shaun Joshua
ANZ Support Services