Spiritual Development

As an institution run by a religious group, the college gives great importance to spiritual formation and character development.
Ultimately a person is what his spiritual and moral values are, and this aspect of education will be carried throughout one’s life.
Time is allotted each week for value education. Besides, talks are organized on inter-religious topics.
The Catholic students have periodic masses, an annual retreat and regular theology classes.
Character is a composite of values, attitudes, dealing and relations with others, and the way problems and challenges of life are faced.
In the college students will acquire a sound value system which teaches them the values of honesty, justice, cooperation, fellowship and universal love.
These qualities embrace all people, cutting across barriers of religion or caste or nationality. Essential to any value formation is self-discipline, which is the systematic effort to channelize your impulses, emotions and feelings to their proper end and make them a power for good. Lack of discipline results in confusion and chaos, both internal and external, and no true education is possible.
The rules of discipline of the college will help cultivate self-discipline if they are interiorized in the right spirit.