Student Council Group


St. Joseph’s College of Commerce has always been an advocate for student leadership, providing its students various platforms and opportunities to express and execute their fresh vision and ideas. The annual student council elections is a testament to that very advocacy. The grapevines of SJCC were abuzz with talks of the student council elections even before classes started in June, 2018. From 11th June to 13th June, 2018, the campus was filled with the fervour from campaigns of the candidates contesting for various posts on the Council. All students are given a fair chance to contest and to campaign for their peers. The eligibility criteria for the various posts on the council and are laid out well in advance. Once the nominations were announced, students were allowed to campaign through various media.

The campus was decked up with colourful posters and sounds of campaign slogans during the election week. The three days of campaigning saw the different candidates deliver their speeches in front of the student body. This provided a platform for the candidates to express their beliefs and plans for the upcoming year.

With the introduction of new courses in the B.Com and BBA Department, student coordinators were appointed by the teachers for the various departments to facilitate better student governance and cooperation between the departments. The elections were held on June 14th, 2018 which saw the student body come out with great enthusiasm to cast their votes.