Student Council Activities

Student Council Investiture
6th June, 2014

Simon Sinek once said, “Leadership is not about the next election, it's about the next generation.” In a country where the general public defines leadership through youth rather than experience, where the state of affairs are being modified through this new form of leadership post the 2014 general elections, the students at St. Joseph’s College of Commerce are similarly being affected by young and enthusiastic leaders.
These leaders are known as the Student Council, and the Student Council Election is an annual tradition of the college.
Campaigning for election was spread over two days, 9th& 10th of June, 2014. Elections for the Student Council were conducted on 11th June, 2014.
Voting was done by all students of second and third year B.Com and BBM.The results were announced, by Ms. Veenu Joy, Student Governor.
The new council for the Academic Year 2014-15, stands as follows:
• President: TressetaLaurettaD’Cruz
• Vice President: JairusEbenezar
• General Secretary: Alisha Pearl Miranda
• Treasurer: Aquila Shafeeque
• Ladies Representative: Annabelle Chang
• Academic Representative: Mario D’Vaz
• Cultural Representative: Sunil Dennis
• Sports Representative: Josephine Peter
• BBM Coordinator: Syed Safdar
• B.Com TT Coordinator: Natasha Dias

Apart from the above mentioned posts, the students of the postgraduate department of the college elected Benjamin Michael as the PG Coordinator for the Academic Year, on 17th June 2014. Similar to elections of the student council, each class elected class representatives. Various associations of the college were formed, with office bearers duly elected.
Keeping this in mind, the Student Council Inauguration was held on 18th June, 2014. Not only was this ceremony an investiture for the Student Council, but also for the steads of various associations as well as the class representatives. The dignitaries for the ceremony were Rev. Dr. Jerome Stanislaus D’Souza SJ, President of the Bangalore Jesuit Educational Society, Rev. Dr. Daniel Fernandes SJ, Principal of the College, Ms. Nirmala Joseph, Vice Principal, and Ms. Veenu Joy, Student Governor. Dressed in suits and sarees, looking like leaders ready to command, the students then took the oath of office, solemnly swearing to perform their duties to the best of their abilities, following which, badges were given to the student council and association heads.

2nd -5th July, 2014

A brand new cultural fest makes a gallant entrance into the Josephite yearly schedule.
Utsava, a fest exclusively for first year students has served its purpose in creating a bond between the fresh students which will efficiently help them in solidifying their united strength for the rest of their time at St. Joseph's College of Commerce. Utsava would train the students to participate and excel in the much awaited intra college fest- “Kalotsav”.
This debuting first year fest was conducted from the 2nd to the 5th of July 2014 and was primarily coordinated by Suganti Ma'am.
All six events of the fest was graced with tremendous participation and the winning classes are as follows:
Indian Music: - 1 B.Com 'A'
Western Music: - 1 BBM 'A'
Western Dance: - 1 TT
Indian Dance: - 1 TT
Collage: - 1 B.Com 'B'
Poetry: - 1 BBM 'B'

12th July, 2014

As is a yearly tradition at St. Joseph’s College of Commerce, a leadership camp was organized by the student council for all association heads and class representatives, on 12th July 2014.
The main purpose of this camp was to allow all leaders of various groups to meet and get to know each other, and learn qualities of leadership, communication and teamwork through numerous games and team-building activities.
There were two set of activities that were held for them, 1) obstacle based activities and 2) Brainstorming activities, Followed this was a stick race and a round of tug-of-war, easily the most entertaining events of the day.
The day ended with prizes being given to the top two teams, and a mention of the brilliant teamwork shown by one and all, on the field as well as off it.
On a joyful note of song and dance, the leadership camp concluded with a lot to learn and takeaway.

21st -25th July, 2014

Staying true to its foundation and origin, St. Joseph's College of Commerce pays tribute to its founder, St. Ignatius of Loyola, by dedicating five days to celebrate and acknowledge the founder of the Society of Jesus. Founder's Festival was celebrated from the 21st to the 25th of July 2014 at St. Joseph’s College of Commerce.
The college was engaged in a joyous tribute to its founder, St. Ignatius with utmost admiration and respect towards him.
These celebrations included various intra collegiate competitions which students participated in.
This greatly contributed towards creating awareness about the festival, and harnessing enthusiasm and a vibrant spirit amongst its students.
The festival ended with the holy mass on the fifth day, celebrated by the Vice President of BJES, Rev. Fr. Joseph Antony, SJ.

13th and 14th August, 2014

St. Joseph's College of Commerce prides itself on the platform provided to its student in order to guarantee their corporate and competitive exposure.
This essential element in developing the professional within each student is exhibited in the annual intra- collegiate business fest- 'Cipher'.
This fest strived to put the participants to the test with a constant thread of challenges, tasks and projects.
The students were engulfed in two days of grueling and yet enthralling corporate flamboyance and only the best survived the competition to the end.
This intra collegiate business fest was formally conducted on the 13th and the 14th of August with the preliminary rounds starting from the 11th.
Participation was taken to the next level this year with approximately 700 students involved in the various business events.
Cipher 2014 saw the inception of the Cipher Press team.
The Press team did a commendable job of ensuring that every student involved in the fest was occupied at all times with the intimidating impression that at any moment, they may be interrogated on their current position in their respective event.

Independence Day
15th August, 2014

The college celebrated the country’s Independence Day with traditional enthusiasm and pomp. The college, its students and staff, all suitably decorated in the tri-colour, welcomed the chief guest, Grp. Cptn. Babu Joseph, of the Indian Air Force, to the event. After the traditional hoisting of the national flag and the recital of the Indian National Anthem, the attendees were addressed by Grp. Cptn. Babu Joseph, who very eloquently put forward the importance of a strong-minded and value-oriented youth to the building of a better nation. He also outlined the importance of service of any kind, be it military or social.The principal, Rev. Fr. Dr. Daniel Fernandes SJ, applauded and echoed the very message put forward by the chief guest.
The audience was also treated to cultural performances by the various associations of the college, implying the importance of culture in a diverse nation such as ours.

21st 22nd& 25th August, 2014

The most awaited intra-collegiate fest, Kalotsav, was held on 21st, 22nd and 25th August 2014. With over fifty-three events evenly spread over three days, the entire college was transformed into a diverse cultural platform. Each day had certain themes, according to which students had to dress up.
The theme for the first day was ‘character parody’, where students dressed up as their favourite characters from books, television series and movies. For day two, each class had to come up with themes for their own class. Day three was ethnic day, with each class dressing in traditional wear showcasing the cultural diversity of Indian states.
Countless events kept participants on their feet on all the three daysThe most awaited event of the day was the ethnic parade.
Going perfectly in sync with the theme for the day, participants dressed in traditional attire walked the ramp showcasing not only India’s diversity in ethnicity and dress, but also the diversity prevalent in each class. From sarees to ghagras to salwars, to sherwanis and lungis, the models did a commendable job in displaying these dresses.
The three fest ended with the personality finals, followed by song and dance to officially mark the end of Kalotsav 2014 in true Josephite Spirit.

Teacher’s Day Celebration
5th September, 2014

“A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge and wisdom in the pupils.” – Ever Garrison
The staff and students at St. Joseph’s College of Commerce share a bond akin to friendship. On 5th September 2014, the Student Council organised a special programme for all the staff members in celebration of teacher’s day.The programme commenced with a performance by the gospel music team. This was followed by various cultural Indian performances by the various associations and student groups. Serenata Chorale’s rendition of Pharell William’s popular number, “Happy”, kept the crowd entertained. The next part of the programme involved use of physical ability and mental intellect. A treasure hunt was organised for the teachers. Teachers were seen running around college looking for clues and performing tasks, just like students would run to reach their classes on time. Their enthusiasm was noted and well appreciated then was followed by a series of quizzes, testing various aspects of their general knowledge. Refreshments were made available, and prizes were given to all winners. As a token of appreciation from all students, the teachers were each given a sapling, bringing the programme to an end.

13th September, 2014

Talent must be recognized, and winning talent must be awarded. Keeping this in mind, the much awaited prize distribution ceremony for the intra college fests, Cipher and Kalotsav, was held on 13th September 2014. Students gathered in the auditorium, eager to receive their certificates, to give their classes a fair chance of placing on an overall basis. The ceremony began with a song and dance performance, followed by the distribution of certificates. Over eight hundred certificates were distributed to students for fifty three events of Kalotsav, and eight events of Cipher. Apart from this, certificates were also distributed for the prize winners of events conducted by AICUF, Hindi Parishad and Kannada Sangha. 3 B.Com ‘A’ were declared the overall winners of Kalotsav, while 3 BBM ‘B’ managed to get the overall trophy for Cipher.

24th and 25th November, 2014.

The annual inter collegiate business fest, hosted by St. Joseph’s College of Commerce, was received with tremendous anticipation on the 24th and 25th of November 2014. This proved to be an encounter between the brightest business minds of our country as they competed on a strictly intellectual level to prove their skill as well as to do justice to this colossal event. This fest saw the triumph of the theme of Greek Mythology which was successfully immersed within each respective event. This fest was declared open by the partner of Grant Thornton, the Chief Guest Mr. Aasheesh Arjun Singh.
This fest was a platform with national level events in association with theme based business conceptions, such as:
• BestManager-Tartarus
• Finance-Drachma
• Marketing-The9Muses
• HumanResources-Prometheus
• EntrepreneurialDevelopment-TurnedToStone
• BusinessQuiz-Achilles’Heel

In addition to these major events, this year saw the incorporation of ‘The UniversalCrisis Management-Bellerophon’. This event within Chanakya was a competition exclusively for teams from international colleges presenting their solutions to given crisis via Skype video call.
This inter collegiate business fest manifested itself into an intricate experience overflowing with strategy play and theme based business conceptions. Every respective participating team represented a specific ancient Greek Olympian. Moreover, Chanakya has satisfyingly provided the opportunity for growth and learning not just for its participants but especially for all Josephites who worked for and towards it and who guaranteed its success.
The team from Christ University - Department of Professional Studies, exalted in their victory, while the team from Jain - Centre for Management Studies were awarded the runners up position. Chanakya strived to impress its tagline upon every individual involved with the fest to discover “The Hero Within” themselves.

28th and 29th Novemember, 2014

One of the most anticipated events of the year, Dhwani 2014, the national level intercollegiate fest, was held on 28th and 29th November 2014. The theme chosen for this year was ‘Alucinari’, which means ‘to wander in mind’. The student community was treated to the pomp and grandeur of this fest, as the two days of intense competition between the finest talents of the city in various cultural events did justice to the theme and showcased their creativity.Prestige Group, India was the title sponsor, who brought Dhwani 2014: Alucinari to life.The chief guest for the fest was Ms. SubhaPoonja, an acclaimed danseuse. After an inaugural ceremony, the student council took to the stage to officially begin this awaited fest. The day started with a lot of excitement and passion to win, Day one concluded with a DJ night, with one of the students performing and keeping the crowd dancing to his tunes. Day two saw events like treasure hunt, and various other events. The festive atmosphere was in absolute frenzy till the conclusion of the DJ night by Thermal Project, sponsored byVh1-Supersonic.
Apart from all these, the college also promoted a noble cause of a newly established NGO called ‘Agape’ by conducting a fashion walk, with the winners assured of a prize bounty. The freshly incorporated NGO aims at providing adequate amounts of awareness in regard to the current social problems enveloping our community’s well- being. This organization garnered substantial media coverage from various news channels which sufficed as a commendable launching pad for ‘Agape’. The college was also associated with the Namma Bengaluru Foundation, which is an initiative to reward the hard working and dedicated citizens of our society. A stall was set up, wherein nominations for Namma Bengaluru awards could be submitted.
After two days of festive celebration, CMS Jain College was adjudged as the overall winners of Dhwani-2014.

18th December, 2014

Fiesta is an annual event organized by St. Joseph’s College of Commerce conducted in the season of advent for the lesser privileged. Fiesta 2014 enthralled the audience of around a hundred HIV +ve children from ‘Sneha Care Home’. These children spread happiness and cheer all throughout the campus. Activities and programs were scheduled and organized all throughout the day. The children were warmly welcomed and were divided into teams while they relished on refreshing snacks. Followed by this were a few outdoor games and activities like; football penalty shootouts, basketball free throws, Diary Milk Shots and the Spoon and so on. In accordance with the season of advent, children also played a game called ‘Santa-Balloon’ wherein; they were stuffed with balloons to resemble Santa Claus. These children obliged willingly with competitive and cheerful spirit. The Children from Sneha Care Home and the students from St. Joseph’s College of Commerce then broke for lunch. Lunch was provided by the college and the students of St. Joseph’s had a humbling experience interacting with these children. Followed by this was the Prize Distribution. The college and children then celebrated a child’s birthday from Sneha Care Home, followed by which every child was presented with a goody bag in order to make them feel special. With this the program came to an end and the children of Sneha Care Home went home happy and content while the students of St. Joseph’s College of Commerce were left awestruck, blessed and grateful.

EVES – Brave, Bold and Beautiful
10th January, 2015

Celebrating the true spirit of womanhood and all things feminine, Eves 2015: Brave, Bold and Beautiful was organised for all the lovely ladies of St. Joseph’s College of Commerce. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Ms. Sini Joseph, who is actively involved in the fields of women empowerment and rural development. In her address to the gathering, she spoke about what makes each one of us brave, bold and beautiful, which proved to be very insightful. Following this, the girls were treated to an exclusive all boys dance performance. Over a period of two days i.e. 9th and 10th January 2015.

Eye check up camp
30 January, 2015

Driven by a cause, directed by an intention to care, SJCC took yet another leap at instilling standards of health, the health of our beloved students and the faculty. On the 30 day of January 2015, the college did partake, in an eye check-up camp in association with Dr. Agarwals Clinic centre. A count of 2 doctors and their assistive technicians represented Dr. Agarwals Clinic, to effectively conduct the proceedings of the check-up. The examination rooms began to take shape, followed by the medical apparatus being assembled in place. Following which, the students gathered at the allotted venues, to partake in what turned out to be an event that sparked awareness and the concern for one’s health in every young Josephite.

Spiel Run
7thFebruary, 2015

Not an ordinary Saturday it was, not an ordinary morning, Never!.. Never has the 07th of February ever woken to what took stride on the tar that lay outside the high gates of a Commerce college. Some run for fun, some for running, strides were redefined.The route drew first blood at vellara junction, leading the athletes downhill to the residency road square, a short sprint to the home of the cottonians, only to break right down the haze, after which the path led straight to #163, Brigade road Bangalore. For what was about to beckon was 300,000 steps from Josephites, with over 700 runners progressing over 5km of infrastructure, with only one word to whisper... ‘Spiel’.What gave life to this run, drew life from its success, for the Student council drew their 11, and volunteers emerged in numbers, the management did lend its support, and Fr. Daniel, we praise for awakening this giant.
We list the athletes who secured the following places in the respective categories in the Spiel Run 2015:

Category Winner (Boy) Winner (Girl)
Alumni Rahul Nixon Freeda
Open event Lokya Kavya
Current students of SJCC Sharath Shetty Prathima

Upcoming Events
• Cancer Awareness Talk and a unique event associated with Cancer week organized in    association with Kavin Care on 12/02/2015.
• Student Council Valedictory on 7/03/2015.