SoM and SJCC SJCC Visit Testimonial

Swansea University, Wales, UK

We at St. Joseph’s have a stimulating vision for our students with a focus on innovative ways to add value to their learning through internationalization. In this regard, we are embarking on dynamic Programmes of strategic alliances with some of the top universities abroad.

Swansea University, with a mission to drive forward the global economy by delivering world-leading research and educational Programmes, shares similar values to SJCC. Established in 1920 the university has been rated one of the best in the U.K. for The Best Student Experience and is particularly known for its excellence in Accounting, Finance, Business and Management, Economics and Law.

Over the past few years SJCC has established a strong relationship with Swansea in terms of academic twinning and cultural exchange Programmes. This initiative seeks to explore the possibility of developing collaborative activities which are mutually beneficial. An understanding based on the aspects mentioned below was signed in the year 2010:

• Promoting working partnerships between staff and students in Swansea and SJCC
• Provision of Undergraduate Modules at Swansea
• Facilitating Entry to Swansea Degree Programme and Postgraduate courses and
• Provision of Cultural insight through exchange Programmes.

Through the cultural exchange alliances, Swansea and SJCC students are provided opportunities of attending lectures by eminent professors, visit heritage sites, social work experience and participate in local traditions. In the years 2010 and 2014, two groups of 10 SJCC students accompanied by a staff have spent 2 weeks in Swansea under a study and cultural program. Likewise, group of 10 Swansea students accompanied by a staff visit India for 3 weeks every August since 2010.

From the year 2010 onwards, undergraduate students of SJCC have been participating in the
1 + 2 year twinning program. Accordingly, a student enrolls to the BBA degree and completes the first year of study at St. Joseph’s. The next two years of the degree can be pursued in Swansea University in the specialization of his/her choice offered by the university. The final undergraduate degree will be awarded by Swansea University. As of date 20 SJCC students have been a part of this collaborative measure.