Natasha Bernadette Sridhar

“Once a Josephite always a Josephite” and I say that with the utmost pride.
St. Josephs College of commerce not only gave me a strong educational foundation but also helped me transpire from an extreme introvert to a complete extrovert. The three years spent in college has been an absolutely amazing experience.

Shaun Joshua

I still remember my first day at college like it was yesterday. Walking past those huge gates and seeing a flood of people who I’m pretty sure had the same thought running through their head, ‘Boy, this is scary.’ Over the next few weeks, those unknown faces became the people you bumped into on the corridors or see walking passed your class and most importantly, they became your friends.

Kevin Richard Raj

It's a place that teaches you to be yourself!
Coz the best you is when you are yourself!
This is what SJCC has taught me.
SJCC is a journey that transformed a teenage crawling caterpillar into to young flying butterfly!

Cheryl Fernandez

St. Joseph's college provides students with an exceptional platform to explore our interests and choose careers which are unique to our personalities. With the help of well qualified lecturers and faculty, it proves to be an amazing transitional journey from education to budding careers.

Bertrand Martin Albert

Being a nervous and a shy boy walking into the portals of SJCC,
I had no idea of what this place had in store for me.
One event led to the other and before you know it I was volunteering and participating in a number of events in and outside college. This helped me build my confidence and make me a stronger person.

Rahul Joseph

Though being a small campus, one simply cannot underrate it's scope in shaping young minds. To me it was a portal into another dimension, a whole world in itself. I discovered myself and was surprised to see what I'm capable of doing. Being an active member of the choir and a passionate photographer it was from here I learnt the skills required to turn passion into an alternative profession. More+

Chantal Cecelia

Living is not success alone, but it is success coupled with satisfaction. This is exactly what SJCC has taught me. It has taught me the meaning of enjoying and excelling in everything you do. From a shy soft spoken girl to a confident bold woman, SJCC has moulded me to get out of my comfort zone and unleash my abilities and potentials to the fullest. More+

Amy Virginia Stevens

It seems like only yesterday that I first walked through the gates of SJCC. In those three years, the college had given me a platform to grow, both intellectually and creatively as well as instil in us a sense of social responsibility and empathy towards others. It gave me friends that became More+