Vision & Mission

Vision of the College

Jesuit Education, inspired and motivated by the person and message of Jesus Christ, affirms

• That God is the author and sustainer of all reality and truth.
• That every human being is created in the image and likeness of God.
• That the whole of creation and the human community are radically good.

Jesuit Education, therefore, is committed to

• An authentic search for knowledge in the service and advancement of the world.
• Upholding the dignity, uniqueness and value of each individual.
• The promotion of harmony between man and man, and between man and nature.

Mission of the College

St. Joseph’s College Of Commerce seeks to be the place where the search for knowledge co-exists with a sense of responsibility to community life, where understanding is coupled with commitment, where academic excellence goes with the cultivation of virtue, and where a community is formed which sustains men and women in their education and their conviction that life is only lived well when it is lived generously in the service of others.