Academic Endeavours

International Short Term Study Courses:
Swansea University is a research driven institute that thrives on exploration and discovery. It shares a profusion of values with St. Joseph’s College of Commerce, such as its emphatic drive to provide topnotch education to its students. Over the past few years the college has established a strong relationship with Swansea in terms of academic twinning and cultural exchange programmes. This initiative seeks to explore the possibility of developing collaborative 90 2018-2019 ANNUAL REPORT and mutually beneficial activities. Undergraduate students of St. Joseph’s College of Commerce have been participating in this 1 + 2 -year twinning programme since 2010. 6 students are currently pursuing twinning program at the university for the academic year 2018-19.

Kobe College, Japan
Kobe College is an Institution of higher learning for women in the field of liberal arts and sciences. As an initiative to establish the educational tieup, Kobe College has signed up into a cultural exchange programme with St. Joseph’s College of Commerce for five years now. Every year both the Institutions host a 10-day cultural exchange programme which includes lectures on the global economy, social conditions, communicative language classes, workshop on traditional crafts and, visit historical places and industries.

St. Joseph’s college of Commerce hosted 13 Japanese students accompanied by 2 faculty members between 1st September 2018 and 9th September 2018. During their stay in India, the college arranged for social visits to Nirmala Shishu Bhavan, a charity home, Tibetan Youth hostel and Jyothi Seva, a NGO . They were also offered assistance for an ongoing research on Indian economy, microfinance and social environment both in Bangalore and in Anekal. In addition to this lectures on ”Multiculturalism in India ”and “Women in India” were organized to give an insight to the current situation in India.

ESDES, France
ESDES School of Business and Management (was founded in 1987 as part of the Catholic University of Lyon. St. Joseph’s College of Commerce through its French Exchange Programme with ESDES introduced a six-month International Business Programme (IBP) and a one-year Degree Programme. As part of the six -month International Business Programme (IBP), 4 students from 2 BBA A have been selected for the batch Jan 2019 – April 2019.

Eastern Institute of Technology, New Zealand
The Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT) offers a wide array of over 130 qualifications from certificate and diploma to degree and postgraduate level. A Twinning Programme proposal with EIT and St. Joseph’s College of Commerce has been initiated. Both the Institutions are currently working arduously to materialize this endeavor.

The initial purpose of the collaboration is to offer a Bachelor of Business Studies to the students of SJCC in New Zealand. It is a 3-year full time Programme, with a one plus two-year twinning (one-year study in India and two years in New Zealand) available for St Joseph’s College of Commerce students. More collaborated Programmes would be rolled out eventually. At present 2 students are pursuing twinning program at the University.

Seattle University, USA
Seattle University (SU) is a Jesuit Catholic university in the northwestern United States, located in the First Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. SU is the largest independent university in the Northwest US, with over 7,500 students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programmes within eight schools, and is one of 28- member institutions of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities. St. Joseph’s College of Commerce has signed a MoU with Seattle University to encourage direct contact and collaboration among students, faculty and staff in the areas of research, teaching, organizing of conferences, lectures and seminars. This collaboration will benefit the students and staff of both the institutions.

Concordia University, USA
Concordia University (commonly referred to as Concordia) is a public comprehensive university located in Montreat, Quebec, Canada on unceded Indigenous lands. Founded in 1974 following the merger of Loyola College and Sir George Williams University, Concordia is one of the three universities in Quebec where English is the primary language of instruction. Concordia’s core values stem from those long prized by its founding institutions, Loyola College and Sir George Williams University. The union of two very different institutions of higher education has led to an exceptionally successful synthesis of compatible and timely values. It dares to be different and draws on its diversity to transform the individual, strengthen society and enrich the world.

SJCC signed an MOU with Concordia University, New York to enable students of SJCC to enroll and participate in a transfer undergraduate degree programme of academic study at Concordia. Upon successful completion of the academic programme of study the students will be conferred a degree by Concordia University.

Malaysia University of Science and Technology, Malaysia
In its formative years, MUST was fully assisted and supported by MIT, a worldrenowned university noted for its education and research in advanced science and technology. Malaysia University of Science and Technology emulates world class method of teaching and learning which encourages creativity, analytical thinking, problem-solving, innovation and teambuilding. These are qualities that have been proven to be successful in producing entrepreneurial leadership in technology and business.

MUST also nurtures a research-driven culture in all fields of expertise to ensure depth of understanding and confidence in facing practical problems. The world class model has been the impetus of the MUST culture that is vibrant, innovative and purposive to our local environment.

A MoU was signed with Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST) on 6th August, 2018 with an intention of exploring possibilities of offering study programs, opportunities of faculty exchange, study tours and partnering in research initiatives.

France International Graduate School
SJCC signed a MoU with France International Graduate Schools (FIGS) on 14th December 2018 with agreement to cooperate and collaborate in areas of joint research and publication, resource sharing, study programs, faculty and student exchange Lehmann, President, Ms. Wiebke Dorfler, Managing Director, Ms. Elisabeth Vogele, Manager Business and Universities, Prof. Dr. Daniel Werner, Ms. Susanne Krause, Head of International office and Mr Jose Jacob, Senior advisor-Bavaria India Centre visited our campus on 5th February 2019. The possibilities of collaboration on both short term and long term programmes which included participation in summer school programmes, integrated programs, transfer programs, semester exchange learning, faculty and student exchange programs were deliberated and discussed with the TQM members of SJCC. The college is looking forward to have a successful collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences HOF in the coming months.