The SJCC E-Summit ’18 was the flagship event of the E-Cell for 2018-2019. Here, seven speaker sessions, four workshops and six events were held over the span of two days, to teach the students about the fields of business and commerce through activties and games. On 1st December, 2018, the E-Cell in collaboration with the Youth Red Cross organised a campaign to spread awareness and knowledge about AIDS and HIV in and around college.

The third edition of ‘Launchpad’, was an initiative by the E-Cell to promote student entrepreneurs in SJCC and give them the experience of trading in a real marketplace with thousands of potential customers. A group of 25 students attended the IIT Bombay E-Summit ’19 in Mumbai where competitions, speaker sessions and workshops were held to provide the knowledge and skills required for a successful entrepreneur. They held many events through the year to bring out the entrepreneur in the students.

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Tismeher Singh

Eximus 2018

Eximus 2018 was an Entrepreneurship Summit organised by the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. Members of the E-Cell and the BBA - Entrepreneurship students attended this summit with enthusiasm. It was a 2-day summit with several events, workshops and an array of guest lectures. The events were competitive and gave our students exposure and an insight into the business world. The events included business and entrepreneurship related events like elevator pitches & business plan competitions along with a few general events like poetry and quiz. A few of our students placed in these events. The workshops held at this summit were attended by our students who were keen to learn more about business and entrepreneurship and develop skills that would help them in the future. These workshops included a Start-Up Fund Raising workshop, a marketing workshop, a creative modelling workshop and a few more.

Furthermore, the speakers at this summit were diversified and interesting to listen to. Many of our students attended these speaker sessions and felt enlightened. The speaker sessions included speakers from The Viral Fever (TVF), a company that produces web series, CEOs of various renowned companies such as Gaurav Sachdeva of JSW ventures, VSS Mani, CEO and founder of JustDial and a few of the country’s youngest CEOs. A few Panel discussions were held with these speakers that only enriched the sessions. To top it all of, entertainment programs were organised on both the days that included a Comedy show and DJ night on day 1 along with Taal and Dhwani night on day 2.

Overall, it was a great learning experience for all our students who attended the summit. We’re sure that most of these students took back immense knowledge and developed skills over these two days that will help them in the real word scenario when they go out to be entrepreneurs.
By: Tismehar Singh Sehgal (1BBA D).


Date: 16th of August, 2018.
Venue: St. Joseph’s College of Commerce (SJCC).
Event Title: Illuminate
Guests: Rajiv Indimath

Illuminate was a business modelling workshop held on the 16th of August, 2018 by the E-Cell at SJCC in collaboration with the E-Cell of IIT Bombay. The speaker was Rajiv Indimath, an entrepreneur who started up 4 ventures, a guest lecturer at top universities and a man who held various important posts in multinational companies. Students from Mount Carmel College, Christ University (Deemed to be University) and Centre for Management Studies, Jain University (Deemed to be University) joined the students of St. Joseph’s College of Commerce (SJCC) for this workshop. It was an enlightening workshop for all the students where they learnt business planning and modelling along with several different aspects of entrepreneurship. It was an intensive 5-hour workshop and all the students were participative and enthusiastic. Towards the end of the workshop all students were asked to make a business model on a canvas in 30 minutes, and the 2 best business models were given cash prizes of ₹2,000 and ₹1,000 respectively. This gave the students first hand experience on how to represent business models efficiently, yet effectively. The organising team from our E-Cell at SJCC put in all their efforts to manage this event efficiently. The E-Cell of IIT Bombay provided a few important resources to conduct this workshop, including kits for participants and the speaker. Overall, all participants liked and appreciated the workshop. We had an excellent response from our college and other colleges but due to venue restrictions, participation was limited to 124 students. It was a indeed a success.
By: Tismehar Singh Sehgal (1BBA D).

Be Your Own Boss

Date: 24th of July, 2018
Venue: Mount Carmel College (MCC)
Event Title: Be Your Own Boss
Guests:Mohsin Khan (Skills Co.)

“Be Your Own Boss” was a workshop organised by the E-Cell of Mount Carmel College in association with Skills Co., a company that works on training individuals for the business world. The speaker for the session was Mr. Mohsin Khan, the founder of Skills Co. The session was held for a duration of four hours during which several topics relating to entrepreneurship were discussed.

The speaker kickstarted the session by talking about real world problems that budding entrepreneurs face in our country. He says only 2% of entrepreneurs in India sustain in the market. He then spoke about his personal life and experiences that made him feel like he needs to be an entrepreneur. Furthermore, he explained to us how entrepreneurship is an ancient concept and has been evolving over the ages. In today’s date, he says, to be a successful entrepreneur you need to harness the power of technology to create something that fulfils a need or a want.

Moving on to the second half of this session, Mr. Khan elaborated on why we should become entrepreneurs. He also emphasised on the importance of having the right guidance for which we should all have mentors. He told us about how we can get started as entrepreneurs and the steps we should take. He also conducted an activity wherein we, in teams, had to come up with an idea to convince him as an investor to give us a sum of one lakh rupees. Our students contributed ideas to this round and came up with one of the best ideas in the room. Lastly, the speaker taught us how to mobilise resources and overcome the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Our students were enlightened by this session and came out extremely motivated to be young entrepreneurs. They understood the minute details of entrepreneurship and the business world. Moreover, they all learnt how to face the challenges that come in the way of every entrepreneur through his/her journey.
By: Tismehar Singh Sehgal (1BBA D)