College Editorial Committee

The College Editorial aims to promote creativity among students in relation to writing, art, photography and videography. Keeping its objective in mind, the association organized a Creative Writing Workshop which was conducted by Ms. Divyashree, a faculty member of the English Department. In addition to sharing her insights, she also put the writing skills of those in attendance to the test and concluded by giving encouraging feedback.

The editorial is primarily concerned with compiling the college Annual Report and magazine, both of which require the student members and staff coordinators to put in significant efforts in chronicling the activities of all other associations and the college at large during the year. The association also has designated members involved with updating content on the college website so as to give accurate information not only to students, faculty and management but also other third parties visiting the website. The college blog, which carries both art and literary work of the college is also maintained by the editorial. This allows the association to be directly involved in encouraging students to create and also to give them a suitable platform to display their work.

Teacher Coordinator

Student Coordinator

Assistant Coordinator


Natasha Nikita Dias

Crithica Srinivasan