Equal Opportunity Cell

On August 14, 2018 the association conducted the event ‘Blindfolded Conversations’ to raise awareness among the youth regarding stereotyping and misjudgments. On September 3, 2018, a photography workshop called ‘Shutter Stories’ was hosted to capture pictures of people, which would bring out the stories in them. On the 6th of December, 2018, on the occasion of Human Rights week, the association hosted an inter-class photography competition on the theme ‘Human Rights – the real picture’.

On the 17th of December 2018, a seminar was held on the topic ’Availability Affordability Accessibility: 3A’s that define the schemes for minorities in India’. The seminar was delivered by Mr. Robin Christopher, a renowned researcher at the National Law School India University, and the purpose of this seminar was to explain the legalities in order to access such schemes made available by the state and central government.

Teacher Coordinator

Student Coordinator

Assistant Coordinator

Ms. Rency Alex

B L Kavya Shree / III BBA B

Samuel Fernandes / II BBA C