Youth Red Cross

The Red Cross is a renowned humanitarian organisation known for its effective work world over. In order to engage the younger generations in such work, the body has been simulated in our college and come to be known as the Youth Red Cross. The association conducted a host of activities during the year, the first one being a blood donation camp to encourage students to do their part and cater to the needs of the community.

In addition to this, the association also planned a visit to Bannimangala, along with the NSS in order to provide its members with rural exposure and educate them on numerous aspects relating to the same.

The association wound up the year with an event on World AIDS Day, in collaboration with the E-Cell, which included a seminar that was presided over by some eminent speakers who left the audience better informed. Finally, the event culminated with a formation of the AIDS symbol in the college ground by the students.

Teacher Coordinator

Student Coordinator

Assistant Coordinator

Mr. Dileep Kumar Shetty

Shreya Shetty

Raj Kiran