Department of Business Administration


The BBA department believes in conducting workshops for the students as they facilitate activity based learning and are very informative. It also provides real world exposure to the students and is sure to keep them interested in the various subjects taught in the department.

A Session With Brother Mani

“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much”. – Helen Keller
A workshop was organized for I BBA to help with Team Building and Goal Setting. The session was conducted by Brother Mani a well-known mentor and counsellor.

The workshop began with an activity known as “Ice Breaker”, as the name suggests this activity was meant to facilitate intra class interactions and help the students familiarize and get to know their peers and the social organism that is the class. It also allowed the students of the class to get into a collaborative mind set as it broke the stereotypical peer groups that were starting to form.

Brother Mani then had the students participate in a tug of war competition which helped them learn the importance of team building and the effective application of strategy. Next they had a screening of the excerpts of the movie “Billy Elliot”, where the protagonist of the movie follows his dream of becoming a ballet dancer despite the parental opposition and other obstacles. The movie conveyed a strong message of pursuing one’s dreams no matter the circumstances.

The last thing that was conveyed to us by Brother Mani was the art of setting goals and keeping to them even though buffeted by the elements of Life. The workshop proved to be informative and educational. Each activity carried a very important message.