BBA Associations

The Associations of International Management Studies helps students in enhancing their critical thinking and problem solving ability through application based activities, workshops and seminars. It organized two guest talks for the students.

Conexus- since its inception it has been actively promoting various activities of the department through electronic media and public relations.
Focus-A workshop on photography was conducted by Alex Paul stressing on various aspects of photography.

The E-Series club aims to connect students to entrepreneurs, alumni, faculty and prominent individuals from the industry and management sector.

  1. On 19th June 2018 Mr. Arunabha Bhattacharya conducted a session on “Creating Future Leaders.”

  2. On 26th July 2018, “Josh Talks” held an interactive workshop- #StartAb. Ms. Sahar Mansoor led the workshop.

  3. On 9th August 2018 E-SERIES conducted a session for the Ist year BBA students. Dr. Kripa V. Jalapathy-a registered Indian Patent Agent, delivered a talk on “Patents and Copyrights.”

  4. On 14th August, a session was steered by Ms Souad Tenfiche, CEO, Numa on “Business Accelerators.” The session concentrated on the areas of development for an entrepreneur.

  5. On 30th August Mr. Yogesh conducted a session on “Digital Marketing.”

  6. On 5th August 2018 Mr Anto Philip, Founder of under 25 delivered a talk on Event Management.

  7. On 29th November 2018 Mr. Apoorv Bamba condcted a session on “Disruptive Innovation and “Global Entrepreneurship.” He shared his views on the scope of gaining wisdom and cultural intelligence through extensive travelling.

  8. On 17th December 2018 Mr. Ashok Vohra steered a session on “How to Monetize your Passion”.

  9. On 7th January2019 Mr. Srinivasan Kumaran conducted a session on “Transformative Entrepreneurship through Innovation.”

Josephite Business Club
The Josephite Business Club (JBC) aims at making students more competent in the field of business.
The Josephite Business Club conducted the following activities during the academic year2018-2019;

  1. On 23rd June 2018 the BBA Department in association with JBC held ‘Commixture’- an ice breaking session for the first year students of the department.

  2. “Game of possibilities “was conducted on 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th July 2018.

  3. On 8th August, 2018, a seminar was organized for the first year BBA students on defending banned advertisements.

  4. A session was conducted understand how multinational companies market their products.

  5. The Club organized a session on “Survival.”

  6. On 21st July, 2018, two sessions were conducted for improving the thinking and speaking ability of the students.

  7. On 12th August Dean Castelino, an alumnus of SJCC delivered a talk.

  8. On 23rd August 2018 a session was organized on how to do well in a group discussion.

Fountainhead- the BBA Editorial committee creates content for the BBA website, blog and social media pages.

Walk The Talk
‘Walk the Talk’ is a very unique initiative by Fountainhead. It involves a series of conversations featuring influential people in the campus and in the industry.

Leadership Development Cell (LDC)
Leadership Development Cell focuses on providing a platform for students to display their administrative and leadership skills.
On 4th January 2019 the LDC organised “NIRMANA” - a one day State-Level Workshop on Research. 89 participants from 5 different colleges across Bangalore attended the seminar.

The Leadership development Cell (aka Lead, direct, consult) of the BBA department held a one day seminar “ITHIKOS” on 6th of February 2019 on “Value Conflicts and Contemporary Business”
The Club in association with OSA held a talk for the second-year students by Mr. Phil Abernathy.

Project Smiles
Project Smiles— an association spearheaded by the BBA department work closely with government school children and train them in English, Mathematics and Arts & Crafts. The association conducted an eight week training program for students of a Tamil Medium school. Project Smiles conducted an enriching activity for students of Tamil Medium School from July 2018 to January 2019. Volunteers of the association helped the school-children in various co-curricular activities like dancing, drawing and singing. Project smiles began a new initiative to train the students of St Patrick’s for their annual day and Christmas celebration.

The activities of the association came to an end by preparing pupils for Flair- a show put up by the students of St Patrick’s School. The exposure provided an opportunity forits members to explore new dimensions of their passion, knowledge and ambitions.

Spotlight offers a platform for students to organize discussions and debates on relevant topics.
A session titled ‘T&C Apply’ was moderated by alumnus Rahul Pai. This session focused on raising awareness on the current epidemic of Fake News, the ethics of creative journalism, concepts of free press and censorship.

Entrepreneurship Learning Initiative (ELI)
Entrepreneurship Learning Initiative is an exclusive association created for bridging the gap between entrepreneurship theory and practical knowledge. ELI in collaboration with Wadhwani Foundation organized NEN-National Entrepreneurship Network program.
On 26th July 2018, “Josh Talks”- one of the well reputed motivational talk organizers in the country held an interactive workshop-#StartAb with Ms. Sahar Mansoor as the guest speaker.

Ms.Namita Bhatia- Josh Talks Campaign Manager delivered a talk on “Digital and Social Media”.
On 8th of August 2018, the Entrepreneurship Learning Initiative held ‘Landmine’. Landmine acted as the perfect precursor for ‘Initium’.
‘Sugarcoat’-an initiative for generating business ideas was conducted on 10th July,2018.


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