Department of Commerce

Professional Certification Programme

An Overview

Professional Certificate programmes aim to keep pace with the emerging trends in higher education and to develop skills essential for career advancement in today’s fast paced business world. The objective of the Professional Certificate Courses is to pave a flexible path to earn a specialized credential along with the Graduate Programme. These short duration knowledge enrichment courses provide students to build up skills in a specific area that relates to their field of interest.

Each course under this programme is selected after careful evaluation of its content, productivity, shelf-life and market relevance. These courses are reviewed and revised annually in response to the changing needs and demands of the academia and Industry. The courses run concurrently with the Graduate Programme and are spread for over 40 to 60 hours of inclusive classroom instruction, practical work, assignments, projects, case studies and presentation.

The training pedagogies in these programmes aim at equipping students with contemporary concepts, perspectives, practices and approaches. The trainers, who offer these courses, are a perfect synthesis of experience, knowledge and training skills. Classes are scheduled either before the regular college hours or post college hours. At the successful completion of the course, students are awarded Merit and Credit Certificates.

The College has successfully collaborated with several distinguished companies that provide value add on courses to help students acquire Industry oriented skill- set, essential for their professional growth. These industry oriented certificate programmes prepare students in gaining internships and final placements in some of the very prestigious companies such as KPMG, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, HLL, HSBC etc.

Duration of the Course: Each of the below mentioned course is for 60 hours equivalent to 3 Credits.

Samples of Programmes Offered

1. Certificate IN IFRS

This financial reporting course offers a broad introduction to the Nature and Operations of the IASB, Presentation of Financial Statements, Accounting Policies, Changes in Accounting Estimates and Errors. Tangible Fixed Assets, Intangible Assets, Impairment of Assets, Inventories & Construction Contracts, Leases, Financial Instruments, Non-Current Assets Held for Sale and Discontinued Operations. Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets, Events after the Reporting Period, Income Taxes, Consolidated Financial Statements and Accounting for Investment in Subsidiaries Statement of Cash Flows. Substance over Form, Earnings Per Share, Interpretation of Financial Statements, Principal Differences between Indian GAAP and IFRS.

Highlights and Relevance of the Course:

• Cross-border, M&A, and capital-raising activities frequently require the use of IFRS
• Non-US stakeholders in US companies demand the use of IFRS
• Many non-US subsidiaries of US multinationals must comply with IFRS reporting requirements
• US GAAP change continues to be influenced by IFRS

2. Certificate Course in Advertising

As a part of our ongoing career series this course looks at the various aspects of advertising which includes Introduction of advertising, Advertising Functions, types, Growth and Development of Advertising. Advertising & Sales/Marketing, Advertising & Creativity, Media Selection & Media Mix, Packing Designs, Out Door Advertising ,Radio, TV, Internet, Direct Mail ,Psychology in Advertising, Advertising & PR Women in Advertising ,Career opportunities in Advertising.

Highlights and Relevance of the Course:

Teaches students to communicate through a variety of media, including print, television, point-of-sale, radio, direct mail, online and outdoor advertising.
Students develop design skills using project based activities and processes used in Industry.
Students learn to employ creative elements in advertising and effectively apply them to a marketing project.

3. In These Times- A Course in Understanding Cinema- The Moving Image –

The course is aimed at developing a sensibility towards a literary and philosophical interpretation of cinema. Discussions, writing activities and presentations are a part of the course along with selected readings and film viewings.

Highlights of the Course:

• The Moving Image – Cinema as Art
• Film Auteur – Director as Author
• Deep Focus – Reading a film
• The Cinephile– World Cinema, Film Festivals/Culture and the Internet
• Perspective – Writing a film review

4. Certificate Course in Human Resource Management

The course aims to cover the canvas of Administrative HR, Recruting, Organization Culture, Career Development, Conflict Management and Effective Communication. The course covers basic and strategic HRM issues. It aims to equip the participants with knowledge and skills essential for managing HR in a way that contributes to the development of individuals and organizations. It prepares the students to create a strong foundation of HR practices to deploy human capital in today’s organizations and industries.

Highlights of the Course

• To gain practical and theoretical knowledge of current practices in Human Resource Management.
• To prepare students to effectively meet the challenges of the ever changing business scenario.
• To train the participants to achieve their corporate goals by making them understand the intricacies of the subject.
• To prepare the students to understand the roles and responsibilities of Human Resource Professionals in today’s highly competitive business environment.

5. Master Your Voice

The Course aims to expose its students to Radio Jockeying, Anchoring , Podcasting, Voice-overs, Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, Motivation Skills and Positive Thinking. The course gives an over view of Television and Radio industry. The course will prepare the students on how to hold an audience’s attention, and teaching them about voice and its functions. The course will also guide the students on recording voice over, digital recording and editing.

Highlights of the Course:

• After successful training the students can venture into any of the following careers of Radio Jockey, Webcaster, Podcaster, Voice Over Artiste, Narrator, Announcer, and News Reader.
• The course will prepare students for live events and television shows.
• The course will provide an anchor for those students who wish to get a break in media industry.
• Students get an opportunity to work on various voice over assignments.

6. Certificate Course in Web Page designing

Web development involves development of a single web page , company websites or e-commerce portal. As a developer one would need to design a web page or a shopping site appealing to the new age consumers. The basic tenets of underlying technology for designing websites includes but not restricted to HTML5, Javascript, CSS3, PHP and MySql. This course covers the core technologies and applications used in designing web pages or websites such as Data manipulation, MS Access 2010, Creative website design using Microsoft Expression Web, Building websites on latest technology, Dynamic web application development using MySQL & PHP , and Open Source Technologies

Highlights of the course:

• Learn web designing , animation, web scripting & web development to create interactive websites.
• Work with in-demand tools like Adobe Photoshop, HTML5, Java script etc
• Learn the concepts of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the process of getting traffic for websites with the use of content, HTML and coding
• Learn to create websites with rich multimedia content , visually appealing websites and logos etc

7. Certificate in Industry Integrated Training & Management

The course prepares the students in Advanced Accounts& Practical Training, Accounts and Tally (version9) MIS Reports ,PF ,ESI&PT, Payroll, Leave Calculations, Labour Laws, Income Tax ,FAQ ,VAT,CST&E1 SALES, Banking. The course aims to impart in depth knowledge and hands on experience in maintenance of books of accounts and all legal compliance for specific industry types which will prepare the students for future job opportunities. Industries which will be covered are: Software solution provider,Manufacturing industry like steel or automobiles, Hospitals,.Educational Institutions, .Professionals like Lawyers and Doctors, .Hotels and allied hospitality unit.

Highlight of the Course:

• Trains the students on specific statutory filing and knowledge base which helps students during their placements.
• Course has been specifically divided into Industry types which will help the students to comprehend the process of book keeping to filing of returns ,thus enabling the students to understand the importance of each entry in the books of accounts and its effect on the statutory records.
• This process of training industry wise ,will help the students to choose career even as Auditors or accountant.
• Workshops are conducted by Chartered Accountants.

8. Certificate in Spanish Language

In the beginner level Spanish Course students learn how to read and speak basic Spanish. Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world. Learn the language for better job prospects, or to travel and interact in Spanish speaking countries, or to get a glimpse into Spanish culture. The course includes a detailed study of Grammar, Vocabulary, Sentence construction, Phonetics, Sentence stress, diphthongs and intonation.

Highlights of the Course:

• A glimpse into Spanish culture and lifestyle
• The food, literature, movies and music from South America as well as Spain
• Video presentations and interactive ways of learning the language

9. Certificate in Stock Market

The Course comprise the understanding of Savings, Investment, Speculation, Global & Indian Economic climate. Investment opportunities - IPOs, Secondary markets, Debentures, Bonds, Fixed Deposits, Real Estate, Mutual Funds, Art, Commodities Benefits of Stock Markets for Promoters, Investors, Economy. Equity Vs Debt. Investment decisions, stock selection, dividend policy, criteria, return, period Understanding Risk - Appetite, tolerance, capacity, allocation of Funds. Mutual Funds - meaning, functioning, types, operations. Understanding PE, Yield, Book value etc

Highlight of the Course:

• Trains the students in reading Financial papers.
• Understand Audited accounts and Appreciating Research
• Strategies - short, medium and long term; averaging, diversification, going long & short.
• Prepare the participants to trade and expose them to on line trading.

10. Certificate Course in Market Analysis & Investment Management

The objective of this course is to familiarize students with different kinds of markets, the indicators and trading procedure. Students get hands on experience on trading. The course also aims to acquaint the students with management of personal finance. The course includes an Introduction to Markets & Investments, Asset Classes, Investment Analysis, and Portfolio Management Performance Measurement.

Highlights of the course:

• Includes new topics like the impact of change in the interest rates on value of investments and personal finance.
• Students are given live trading experience through tie up with brokering firms.
• ChartNex software will be used in class to explain the price movements in stocks.

11. Campus Recruitment Training & Programme

The training programme equips students for all the stages that involve in Campus Recruitments conducted at the college campus. The programme has different moduels for written test or aptitude test, group discussions and personal interviews. This programme is updated on a regular basis to keep pace with the changes in the recruitment procedures adopted by various companies at campuses including areas such as Quantitative Ability, Verbal Ability, Reasoning, Group Discussion and Personal Interview which normally gets tested in the Campus Placement.

• The programme offers different moduels for written test and aptitude test, group discussions and personal interviews.

• This programme is updated on a regular basis to keep pace with the changes in the recruitment procedures adopted by various companies at campuses.

12. Certificate Course in Entrepreneurship Development

The subject Matter will comprise an in-depth study of Entrepreneurship, women empowerment, Entrepreneurship Development programme, Microfinance and other similar topics. The course Motivates students who wish to start their own business and Provides practical inputs and interactive sessions with successful Entrepreneurs.

Highlight of the Course:

• Discussions with leading specialists, Workshops and seminars.
• 50 Rupee exercise, Newspaper exercise, Case studies.
• Workshop on Creativity.
• Business Plan sessions (preparation, modification presentation and evaluation).
• Working on making documentary on entrepreneurship (with expert guidance).
• Internship with start-ups during odd semester breaks (compulsory certification).