Department of Commerce

B.Com ( Travel and Tourism) Programme
About the Course

The Bachelor of Commerce in Travel and Tourism management is a comprehensive and intensive undergraduate degree which is spread over three years. With a strong foundation in Commerce, this course specializes in the travel, tourism and the hospitality industry-given the rapid growth and increasing importance of the hospitality industry in India and abroad, there is a need for high quality graduates for the same.

With a pioneering and industry driven curriculum this course equips students with the analytical, strategic and policy-making skills required for sustainable tourism management within both commercial business enterprises and the public sector tourism industry. Apart from being a perfect blend between commerce and tourism studies it lays strong emphasis on communication skills and prepares the students to take up customer related services.


  1. To provide conceptual knowledge and application skills in the domain of Commerce studies.

  2. This course provides a competitive edge with career versatility as it combines Tourism Management along with a sound foundation of Commerce, Business and Economics.

  3. To develop the students with professional and academic inputs to adapt to the requirements of the changing travel, tourism and hospitality industry.

  4. To facilitate students to acquire skills and abilities to become competent and competitive in order to be assured of good careers and job placements.

  5. Mandatory outreach programs and social visits are conducted by the college in order to instill a sense of community and social awareness in the students. To complete the process of holistic education, industrial visits are organized by the college so as to expose the students to real life, hands on experiences of various industries.


Hospitality and Tourism management are the highly specialized disciplines and the subjects framed under this area are practical oriented which incorporates the areas of Management Science, Business Administration and many others.

An optional subject in the second and third years of study enables the student to tailor their degree to their interests and career goals .

A unique feature of this course is that it includes two internship opportunities for the students. The first internship is mandatory in the travel and tourism industry and the second internship being in the field of the student’s choice.

The course also provides students the opportunity for an international exposure with industrial visits abroad and also a twinning program with ESDES University, Lyon, France.

The program also enables students to transfer their expertise to other industries in public and private sectors, dealing with transport, sport and leisure services, event and convention centers.

Industrial tie-ups with organizations such as the Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI) and the Karnataka Tourism Forum give students practical exposure.

Global distribution systems training are embedded within the course which will greatly improve the skills of students and provide them a competitive edge with regard to placement opportunities.

Teaching Pedagogy

Field visits
International exposure for idea exchange
Web based learning
Presentations and debates
Group discussions and brainstorming
Seminars, panel discussions and symposium