International Explore Programmmes

Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia
The students of the BBA Department went on an international exposure trip to Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia in Eastern Europe from the 22nd to 30th October, 2018. This group of forty students visited beautiful places like the Devin’s Castle, Danube River in Budapest, the Bratislava Castle, Schonbrunn Palace, Hero’s Square, Vaci Street and the UFO Tower which exposed them to different cultures and cuisines.They attended a lecture at Zagreb School of Economics and Management in Croatia to understand the new trends in the market, as part of a university visit. The students visited a porcelain factory in Vienna, as an industrial visit.

Austria, Slovakia and Germany
About forty students of B.Com Travel and Tourism Department visited Europe from 22nd October to 31st October, 2018, as part of an interntional industry and university trip. This trip helped them see a blend of old and new architecture, scenic locations, huge community parks and recreational spaces, beautiful rivers and bridges in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic. The students experienced different climates, cultures, art, music, languages and currencies. As part of the industrial visit, the group visited Skoda Museum in Mlada Boleslav. They visited the BMW Welt in Munich and Olympiapark. To understand the university atmosphere abroad, the students attended an interactive lecture by Professor Jonathon Allott on the topic ‘Negotiations’, at the Munich Business School. The students also got the chance to engage in sightseeing as they visited the Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, Bratislava Castle, River Danube in Budapest and Wolfgagng’s Mozart’s house in Salzburg.

Italy, France and Switzerland
The students of BBA Department visited countries like Italy, France and Switzerland and experienced the cultures and traditions of these places. They visited the Ferrari Factory and Glass Museum, as part of their industrial visit. They also saw the Leaning Tower of Pisa, St. Peter’s Bascillica, Michelangelo’s Point and Colosseum to enjoy the beauty of European culture. They had the opportunity of visiting the United Nations office in Geneva where they learnt about the proceedings of the UN. Also, to understand the learning methodology abroad, the students visited the CEFAM University .

United Kingdom
The professional students of the college visited UK from the 23rd of October to the 1st of November, 2018, to understand the professionalism involved in the environment of professional bodies and formal institutions. This also helped them understand the social and cultural environment there. The students visited the cities of London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Here, they gained international industry and university exposure seeing and interacting with the people at the ACCA Head Quarters, the University of West of Scotland, Tessalla Altran Group, and London School of Business and Finance (LSBF).

France, Switzerland and Germany
From the 22nd of October to the 1st of November, the students of B.Com Travel and Tourism Department visited the cities of Paris, Geneva, Engelberg, Munich, Stuttgart and Frankfurt in France, Switzerland and Germany. The students saw the Eiffel Tower, Church of the Invalids, Cailler Chocolate Factory, Lake Geneva and the Broken Chair across the Palace of the Nations. They also visited Mount Titlis, the Marienplatz and BMW Museum. This international exposure programme helped the students understand the world of tourism from the perspective of the traveler and the culture of hosting guests in these places.

Kobe College, Japan
As part of the cultural exchange programme, Kobe College in Japan invited four of our students and a staff member to their campus. The trip happened from the 24th of October to the 2nd of November, 2018. This helped the students experience the Japanese culture and lifestyle. While there, the students visited places of cultural heritage like Nishinomiya, Koyasan, Kudoyama. The students and the staff also made presentations to the Japanese students on the Indian Economy and the Women in India. Thus, the students learnt about the Japanese cultural values and beliefs and they were given a sneakpeek into the Indian lifestyle as well.