International Academic Partners

I. International Short Term Study Courses:
The college encourages and supports participation of its students in various short term programs conducted by foreign universities. In this connection the following opportunities have been availed by the students in academic year 2018-19:

London School of Economics Summer School Program:
International Desk of St. Joseph’s College of Commerce encourages its students to attend the Annual LSE Summer School Program for 3 Weeks. A group of six students selected through a diligent process, attended the program at LSE in June – July, 2018. The International Desk also renders necessary support in terms of other academic logistics for such fervent students to ensure their smooth learning experience at abroad. Nearly nine students have been selected to attend the same for the year 2018-19.

Short Term Immersion Program
Nearly 11 students have registered for upcoming short term immersion programs offered by IDRAC, La Rochelle, HOF University and IRDAC. These programs are open to students of 1st 102 2018-2019 ANNUAL REPORT Year & 2nd Year studying in B.Com and B.B.A and are to be held during AprilJuly 2019.

ESDES, France – Students’ Semester Exchange Program
A group of four students of 4th Semester B.B.A ‘A’ are selected and currently pursuing Bachelor in Global Business Development at ESDES in France for the current academic year (Jan 2019-April 2019), as a part of existing MoU with ESDES, Lyon France. After successful completion of the course, International Desk ensures timely conduct of theirs’s end-semester examination at St. Joseph’s College of Commerce.

Internship Opportunity:
As an outcome of one of the collaborative meetings, the international desk was able to procure 4 weeks’ unpaid research based internship for 2 students at UCO, USA, the internship is set to commence in March 2019. One student has been accepted by Kellogs University, USA to pursue research based internship during April- June 2019.

II. Global Learning Opportunities
The International Desk strives to encourage students to explore innovative programs offered worldwide. One such effort was offered by Ingenious Faces through is Global Learning Programs- Construkt72- (Design, Collaborate, Pitch) which is 3 step immersion program with a first stage of involving the participation of students to solve a few real live cases, travel to participate in immersion program in stage 2 and to do summer internship in its final stage. The program is set to commence in March – April, 2019.

III. Foreign University Exposure:
Twinning programmes:
Eight students completed 1st year of BBA in SJCC and were accepted by Partner Universities for completion of their undergraduate degree program under the Twinning Agreement. Six of them are currently pursuing their 2nd year of the Twinning Program at Swansea University and two students are pursuing their 2nd year in Eastern Institute of Technology, New Zealand. In the academic year 2018-19, eleven students were admitted under BBA Twinning Program.

Kobe College, Japan:
As part of a cultural exchange programme, Kobe College, Japan invited four of our students and one staff member to Japan between 20th Oct to 29th Oct 2016 to experience Japanese culture and lifestyle. The International desk worked tirelessly to select the students after careful scrutiny of credentials and referrals. Basic Japanese lessons were organized for a month before the exchange programme, for ease of communication while in Japan.

They visited cultural and heritage places in Nishinomiya, Koyasan, Kudoyama -Buddhist temple and Monastery, along with first hand exposure to Japanese prayers and religious activities. The students and the staff also made presentations to the Japanese students on the Indian Economy and the Women in India.

Study of the U.S. Institute (SUSI)
Program Description: Study of the U.S. Institutes (SUSIs), a five-week program St. Joseph’s College of Commerce 103 for Student Leaders are intensive short-term academic programs whose purpose is to provide groups of undergraduate student leaders with a deeper understanding of the United States while simultaneously enhancing their leadership skills. After rigorous rounds of screening the following 4 students of 4th Semester B. Com have been nominated by the International Desk of SJCC to avail the program in June-August, 2019: