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M.A (Literature) B.Ed
PGDCE (Communicative English)


2006-2007 Capitanio High School, Mangalore
2007-2008 Lecturer for Psychology and English in St. Philomena’s College
2009-2010 worked as instructor and as Branch In-charge in Young Gemynds Education Institution, Xai-Xai , Mozambique , South Africa.

Paper Presented
  1. A Woman's Empowerment: Is it only a Pipe Dream - IJARIIE-ISNN (0) 2395-4396

  2. I too wan to live! for I am one like you- A study on the social perspective of women in India, Then and Now ---IJEL ISSN(P) 22496912/ISSN(E) 22498028

  3. Social Networking in Language Teaching and Learning ISBN-978-93-5171-101-8

  4. Task-Based Language learning- equipping the learners

Seminar/ Conferences attended

Eco- Conscious Literature in English – Sarawathi Narayan College, Madurai on March 16th and 17th 2012.

Higher Education 2020 ‘New Strategies for Empowerment and Growth - SJCC on 6th and 7th September 2012.

Current Trends and Challenges in Teaching English – SJEC on 11th February 2013. Business Values in Changing Market Environment – SJEC on 9th March 2013.

Brief summary of career

Marina completed her U G from St. Agnes College, Mangalore University, after which she perceived her Bachelor’s degree in Education from St. Joseph’s College of Education Mysore and Post-Graduation from Mysore University. She Joined SJCC in August 2011 as a faculty for Department of English. She is part of Editorial Team and Mentors Second Year D Section Students. She works a Part-Time faculty in SJEC .

Ms. Marina Joyce Roche
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