Campus Ethos

The ethos of a campus is the happy amalgam of various aspects such as: attitude, language, resilience, creativity, process and product.

The campus ethos of St. Joseph’s College of Commerce is constituted of an academic fraternity that is, dedicated, creative in thought and action and productive both at the individual and community level. Every SJCC member goes out of their ways to cater to the needs of the disadvantaged and the less competent faction of the society. The campus endorses camaraderie and concern for each other. SJCC ethos is ideally expressed by the founder of the Jesuit Order as “magis” − the greater, the higher – the greater in everything. 

The ratio of boys to girls in the college is 7:3, as there are a good number of Catholic/Christian colleges exclusively for girls in Bangalore. The purpose of bringing young men and women together during the post-school period is to facilitate a healthy environment both emotionally and intellectually. Exclusive pairing within the premises or on campus, levity in word or gesture and eve-teasing shall be considered as serious offences.