The Institution’s Innovation Cell (IIC), previously known as the Innovation and Incubation Centre has been renamed as per the directions of Ministry of Education, Govt. of India with the purpose of establishing the Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) across selected HEIs in India. The IIC at SJCC is committed to accomplish the following focus areas of the Ministry of Education's Innovation Cell initiative:
• To create a vibrant innovation ecosystem in the institution
• To enhance start-up supporting mechanism in the institution
• To establish a functioning ecosystem for scouting ideas and pre-incubation of ideas
• To prepare the institution for the Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements (ARIIA) Framework
• To develop better cognitive ability for students who express their passion in bringing about a change in the world of entrepreneurship

The IIC at SJCC seeks to equip itsstudents with resources to surpass economic perils, creative blocks, lack of mentorship, and marketconditions. IIC bridges the gap between the entrepreneur and her/his vision with top-notch resourcesand guidance thus, aiming for a right balance between theory and practice aiding their entrepreneurial journey.The cell envisions building a generation of solid minds with arounded personality to justify the men and women of tomorrow.


The cell envisions creating an ecosystem to foster innovation, nurture entrepreneurial initiatives and ensure protection of the innovative and intellectual endeavours of its students and staff.


To build prototypes of entrepreneurs who would further attribute to thedevelopment of the country with their innovative start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures.