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About the Examination Department

It is an apex body of the institution which aims at conducting its duties efficiently throughout the year related to assessment and evaluation process according to the rules laid by the institutional exam manual in accordance with UGC and the university norms. This committee is headed by the Principal, coordinated by Controller of Examinations, Examination Committee comprising of senior faculty members nominated by the Principal. The committee deals mainly with assisting Controller of Examinations (CoE) in conducting all exams and evaluations, appointment of examiners , evaluators, preparation and publication of exam schedule, conduct of central evaluation, timely declaration of results, conduct of supplementary exams and other related works of the department.

Aims and objectives

The exam department aims to fulfill the vision and mission of the college in totality by adhering to all rules and regulations of the exam department which are approved by the college.


a. More transparency
b. Quality assurance
c. Student support mechanism
d. Benchmark for high quality, reliability and credibility

  1. Aim for highly reliable testing and evaluation procedures without compromising on quality, with zero tolerance towards unfair and inefficient practices

  2. Evolve constantly new best practices to achieve better goals

  3. A combined unified team spirit to be maintained constantly in the institution between various stakeholders

The Examination Department is headed by the Principal and the CoE as a coordinator of the department who is ably assisted by nominated staff members selected to represent the Exam Committee. The Department of Examination abides by decisions taken by the College Administration and is duly supported by the various units of the administration.

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