Governing Body

The Bangalore Jesuit Educational Society, hereinafter called BJES is a registered, non-profit making, non- sectarian, non-governmental, educational organization engaged in education, research and training. It is run by Karnataka Jesuit Province. St. Joseph’s College of Commerce is one among the many Jesuit Educational Institutions governed by BJES. The Rector, Vice President of Bangalore Jesuit Educational Society (BJES) acts as the chairman of the governing body of St. Joseph’s College of Commerce. The chairman also heads all the institutions under BJES. He offers his guidance in all aspects of life and work in each of the institutions under BJES as per the directives of the Provincial, President of BJES. The duty of leading SJCC in the best way possible on the academic front is entrusted with the Principal, the Academic Director of SJCC. The Principal provides a conducive ambience for the intellectual pursuit of staff and students. The outstanding achievements of the staff and students throughout the years bear testimony to the academic excellence of the SJCC.

Statutory Committees

Non-Statutory Committees