Facilities provided at IIC

• Infrastructure – standardised equipment and workspace.
• Network and Engagement – ties with various institutions, alumni, mentors and collaborations.
• Training – idea generation, business development, skill-set equipment
• Curated Mentorship and Academia - professionals from various arenas, seasoned expertise,
  observation and feedback, personalized guidance and relationship-building.
• Capital – backing in terms of funding opportunities and resources
• Awareness – start-up culture, markets, untapped opportunities, government concessions.


The Innovation wing is entrusted with the responsibility of introducing and sustaining innovative practices and initiatives in the institution which fosters the holistic growth and development of the involved staff and student entities. The wing aspires to produce apro found positive impact and caters to large scale benefaction through adoption and conceptualisation of the innovation approach.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

The IPR wing at IIC aims to strive as the first-contact resource in securing protection of tangible and intangible creations of the human intellect of the institution. The IPR protection plays a key role in gaining competitive advantage for achieving higher economic growth ina market driven economy.The IPR wingis engaged in activities to promote awareness, opportunities and roadmaps to better harness the full potential of intellectual property rights.

Social Media

The social media wing of IIC aims at increasing the awareness and reach of various event sheld by the institution’s innovation cell.Through socialmedia, it helps enable the various entrepreneurs of college to reach the multitude and showcase their products in a brilliant way.


The Start-up wing aims to bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and resource by providing the student start-ups with expert advice. It becomes the stepping stone to a new journey of entrepreneurship.