Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA)

Internal assessment for each course is continuous, and dates for each test are notified well in advance. The Head of the Department from all the departments of UG and PG coordinates the Internal Assessment procedure. The CIA tests commence after 3 weeks from the start of the semester. All answer scripts of CIA are returned to the students. CIA consists of the following:

Sl.No Internal Assessment for 30 Marks Weightage
1 Unit Test/Snap Test/ Surprise Test/Quiz (PREFERABLY BEFORE MID TERM TESTS) 05 marks
2 Assignment/Presentation/Project/Research article/ Seminar*(PREFERABLY AFTER MID TERM TESTS) 05 marks
3 Written Test: There is one Mid-term test of 60 minutes each per semester.(AT LEAST 50 % OF PORTIONS TO HAVE BEEN COMPLETED) 20 marks
Note: The student has to appear for all the components of the Continuous Internal Assessment.

End Semester Examinations (ESE) The End Semester Examination is conducted at the end of each semester. For the even semester in the month of April/May and for the Odd semester in the month of October/ November. The duration and maximum marks for the End Semester Examination is 3 hours and for 70 marks respectively for both UG and PG.